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Angi Connects 230,000+ Professionals and Customers with Secure Vetting and Frictionless Onboarding

Angi brings together the expertise of Angie’s List and the technology of Home Advisor to match thousands of customers every week with trusted home services professionals. With over 230,000 pros in their network, Angi makes it easy to research, find, and hire pros to help with everything from a leaky faucet to a full kitchen renovation.

Why Choose Checkr

  • Increase efficiency and time savings with automation
  • Process a high volume of 4,500 checks per week
  • Enhance decision-making confidence with consistent and reliable technology
  • Mitigate risk and meet industry standards with a FCRA compliant vendor

The Angi-Checkr Story

Eager to improve candidate experience and meet industry compliance standards for the 4,500 background checks run each week, Angi evaluated several background check vendors and ultimately made the decision to partner with Checkr. Checkr provides automation that has helped Angi increase efficiency in their hiring and onboarding processes. “We had agents reviewing every background check and making judgment calls,” said Sean Miller, Vice President of Operations at Angi. “The time it took for an agent to review a criminal record was completely eliminated when we moved to Checkr,” allowing for headcount reduction in that department by 20%. “We were able to send those staff members to other departments, where they’re now excelling,” said Miller.

Angi uses Checkr to reduce the friction associated with onboarding, as well as lower the number of candidates that drop out of their pipeline. Checkr has enabled Sean’s team to utilize Checkr’s SMS (short message service) feature to text information directly to candidates, allowing them to enter details on their mobile device as they remain on the phone with an Angi sales consultant. With Checkr, candidate experience has improved immensely resulting in less confusion during the background check process, and more easily accessible assistance via text.

Checkr Assess allows Angi to select specific criteria for passing a background check while remaining consistent and compliant. “A judgment call by humans means there can be mistakes—letting pros in who shouldn’t be on the platform or not letting in ones who should be given a chance. Since moving to Checkr, our internal team has a greater level of decision-making confidence. Checkr has made us more confident that we’re making the right decisions for our platform,” said Miller.

A core value that Checkr shares with Angi is giving candidates with records a fair chance at employment, which Sean believes benefits candidates, companies, and our wider society. “I really enjoy working with Checkr and their philosophy of fair chance hiring. It’s one of the only companies that really puts that at the forefront of their mission. And it’s something more companies need to focus on. They are missing out on really good candidates because of relatively minor offenses. Recidivism rates plummet after 3-4 years and with employment. Companies would be well-served to take a hard look at their decision matrix and ask whether they are balancing risk and getting the best candidates,” he said.

Checkr continues to provide the reliability needed to scale as Angi grows and evolves, and as their needs change. “Checkr stands out from other solutions because of their flexibility,” Miller added. “We started with different packages and configurations than what we have now. Checkr was really easy to work with in switching things up to make sure it is the product we want and is the right fit for us.”

Angi’s Favorite Feautures

  • Consistency and automation of Checkr Assess
  • SMS feature to reach candidates quickly and easily via text
  • Fair chance hiring as a core company mission
  • Flexibility of configurations and features to match company growth and evolution  

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Gig Economy


1,001 – 5,000 employees

High Volume: 4,500 background checks completed weekly

Efficiency: 20% headcount savings

Core Mission: Fair Chance Hiring

“Since moving to Checkr, our internal team has a greater level of decision-making confidence. Checkr has made us more confident that we’re making the right decisions for our platform.”

Sean Miller, Vice President of Operations, Angi

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