Speed, plus security: Hyer amplifies rapid growth and customer trust using Checkr

Hyer is a leading on-demand labor app powering the gig economy; connecting people to opportunities and businesses to workers in real-time

Company Overview

Hyer is at the forefront of innovating the on-demand labor industry, ensuring that companies can quickly scale their workforce by connecting businesses with independent contractors called Taskers. Hyer strives to provide a convenient and seamless experience to their Tasker base from the moment they download the app, go through the background check process, and are approved to work. Background checks are a pillar of the Hyer app and with Checkr fully integrated, they have reduced turnaround time to within one day on average for the 3,000+ background checks run each month.


On Demand


1,001 – 5,000 employees

Key Results

Fast Results

Average turnaround time is within a day

Reduced Risk

Significant reduction in fraudulent activity using Checkr Protect

Scalable Growth

200% increase in users in 2021

Products Used

The Hyer-Checkr Story

When Hyer began experiencing exponential growth, the leading on-demand labor app knew that providing safety and reliability for their users across all touch points would be paramount in achieving success. Establishing and maintaining that reliability through massive growth meant streamlining their background check process. The need for an innovative solution that provided speed, security, and a seamless integration with their app, led them to Checkr.

As a startup, reliability and speed are important to building their overall brand and Checkr is integral to supporting Hyer in their growth. "Our workflow and processes were really built on Checkr. We need background checks to be completed quickly, and Checkr has been fast and reliable. It's great to know that we have a product we can rely on and expect to grow with us,” said Joey Dempsey, Chief Financial Officer. Hyer experienced a 200% increase in users in their application last year, and with their expected continued growth, looked to Checkr to continue to provide the reliability needed to scale with their business.

As a new company, we have a brand to protect and build. One aspect of that brand is reliability and speed, and Checkr is integral to that.
Joey Dempsey, Chief Financial Officer

“The one product that has really improved efficiency is Checkr Protect,” said Dempsey. Through the use of Checkr Protect, Hyer is able to balance hiring at scale with reducing risk and establishing safety. Checkr Protect provides Hyer with a level of control over who joins the app, resulting in minimal fraudulent activity and ensures duplicate individuals aren't creating new profiles. It has allowed their team to focus more on the application and less on the frustrations of manual screening processes.

Checkr Protect has enabled us to essentially eliminate duplicate accounts and fraudulent activity on the Hyer application. Checkr gives us the reliability that we’re reducing risk, and can do it at a speed that’s important to help us grow at the scale we’re currently seeing.
Joey Dempsey
Chief Financial Officer, Hyer

Through the creation of a seamless and fast experience and a two-way rating system implemented to build trust between business and Taskers, Hyer continues to expand and grow. Joey's confidence in Checkr's ability to handle massive growth solidified when he and his team saw 40,000 app downloads within a single day last year. “The Checkr product had no issues with that volume, it was seamless and very reliable,” he said.

When it comes to support, Hyer trusts their Checkr account manager to help manage expansion of their use case and answer any questions that arise. It's the trust and reassurance Checkr provides that the company leverages for success.

Hyer has a long-term goal of becoming a total labor solution that opens up opportunities for businesses and Taskers to meet workforce needs across every industry, and Checkr is there to provide the reliability and scalability needed to achieve that vision.

Hyer's favorite features

Checkr Protect
Helps reduce fraudulent activity, relieving frustration and freeing up time to focus on building the Hyer brand
Dedicated Support
Best-in-class resources, regular check-ins, and fast response times
Capacity to support continued high-volume growth and complete background checks at scale

Trusted by more than 100,000 customers

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