Built with the candidate in mind

We understand that candidates are real people whose lives are affected by the results we deliver, and we’re always innovating to improve their experience. Checkr offers an end-to-end candidate portal that helps build trust during the background check process and increases conversion.

What sets the Checkr candidate experience apart

Get ready to convert more candidates with Checkr’s friendlier, faster, and fairer candidate portal and apply flow. Learn about the key features your team and candidates will love.


With the majority of candidates using a mobile device exclusively, we’ve created a first-class, mobile-focused journey across the entire candidate portal.

Dedicated support

A built-in FAQ section helps candidates proactively address concerns. When more assistance is needed, our multilingual FCRA-certified support teams are ready to help.

Transparency for candidates

Real-time visibility into background check statuses on a county-level keeps candidates engaged, improves conversion, and helps reduce candidate contact rates up to 15%.

Simple candidate forms

Forms, disclosures, authorizations, and disputes are quick and easy for candidates to complete in the portal, and built-in error detection keeps the process moving.


We make it quick and simple to automate many common workflows in your account to create a delightful candidate experience and save you time.

Available internationally

Whether your candidate is based in the US or is international, they will have access to the same, user-friendly candidate portal with mobile-first access.

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How a stand-out candidate experience helps you hire

If candidates feel left in the dark by the background check process, or if it takes too long, they are more likely to drop out of your hiring pool. Checkr’s platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver more accurate and more compliant reporting to speed background check delivery times.

Live support staff and visibility into background check status in the portal keep candidates engaged and in the loop. This helps improve conversion and cut down on candidate support requests, saving your hiring team’s time and resources.

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