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International Background Check

International Background Checks

Unify disparate processes with a single platform that can meet domestic and international screening needs in 200+ countries.

Let’s start with the basics

International Background Checks

What are international background checks?

An international background check may include criminal history, global watchlists, education and employment verifications outside of the US.

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Why is understanding a candidate’s international background check important?

Candidate eligibility and fit 
Checkr automatically collects relevant information from candidates depending on the region, so you can make sure they have the right education and work history to perform the job.

Larger talent pool
Seamlessly open your organization to international candidates or candidates who have lived abroad with the security of proper vetting.

Checkr’s International Background Checks

Checkr’s global screening suite eliminates the hassle of disparate systems. With an offering of 200+ countries, you can manage domestic and international checks in a single AI-powered system built to promote compliance, including data privacy laws.

International Criminal Search

An in-country search leveraging multi-jurisdictional repositories and database sources to return major offense conviction records.

Adverse Media Search

In nations where third party access to criminal record information is restricted, adverse media checks can be performed which access public sanctions lists, media sources, and other public and private record repositories.

Global Watchlist Record Checks

Determine whether a candidate is listed on a domestic or international watchlist for criminal activity or sanctions including the FBI and Interpol’s most wanted lists.

International Education Verification

Verify a candidate’s national and international education credentials such as degree received, course of study, and dates of attendance.

International Employment Verification

Verify a candidate’s last three employers—domestic or international. Reports include dates of employment, title(s) held, employment gaps, and salary when available.

International Identity Document Validation

A multi-level validation across 3 document types—passport, driver’s license, national ID—to help evaluate whether the identity document presented is authentic and not stolen, lost, expired or invalid.

Featured solutions

Go beyond your typical background screening with Checkr’s advanced products and packages. Our offering powers at-scale hiring with less risk and more flexibility.

Checkr screenings UI demonstrating customizations on reportable offenses.

Candidate Experience
Checkr’s powerful tools support GDPR compliant international background checks while candidates have access to live support and report status in our mobile-friendly candidate portal.

Enterprise Scalability
Checkr’s platform is built with an emphasis on scalability, compliance, and security. Easily customize your workflow based on your organization’s needs without worrying about bottlenecks.

What to keep in mind when performing international background checks

Checkr’s platform promotes fair and compliant practices with state of the art tools and technology. We are also your partner in education. When it comes to international screenings, here are the primary laws and best-practices to consider.

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GDPR and Data Privacy Laws

Many countries now have data privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) from the EU which can apply to US companies performing international checks.

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Gain further insight into a candidate’s legal history beyond criminal activity with county or federal civil searches.

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You’re in good company!

223 countries, one integrated suite—Checkr hosts your international and domestic screenings in a single system.