Veryable Drives Growth for the Manufacturing Industry with Checkr

Veryable, an on-demand labor marketplace for manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing labor needed a background check provider to complete their applicant vetting suite.

Company Overview
CTO and founder, Noah Labhart was searching for a background check provider to support Veryable. Checkr’s reliability, integration, ease of documentation, and automatic alerts made it a technological standout, while its ease of use and ability to process a high volume of applicants and scale into multiple markets validated it as an instrumental business partner.
50-80 employees

Key Results

API integrates into existing software for a seamless, Veryable-branded experience
Increase volume and meet speed requirements with automation
Adjudication matrix system allows streamlined background check approval process

Products Used

The Veryable-Checkr Story

Labhart also had the ability to customize the experience and brand it as their own, so when candidates went from the Veryable platform to the background check, the experience was connected and friction-free.

With Checkr’s API and toolset, we can quickly and effectively background large numbers of operators (workers). They’re a long-term, strategic partner for us.
Noah Labhart
Co-founder and CTO, Veryable

Using the Checkr API, Veryable ramped quickly and start running background checks on their operators. Checkr seamlessly integrated with Veryable’s procedure for processing applications allowing them to complete a background check as part of their screening and enabling Veryable to process applications in days.

As application numbers grow for Veryable, Checkr’s tools support them. With Checkr, Veryable spends less time reviewing records they don’t identify as relevant, so adjudication is faster, more consistent, and less affected by bias. Looking to the future, Veryable will rely on Checkr analytics for forecasting how they move into new markets and expand into the rest of the United States.

Veryable’s Favorite Features

Supporting team is automatically notified when background checks require additional analysis

Join the tens of thousands of other businesses using Checkr for their background checks

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