Adjudication Hero

Make hiring decisions that are fast, compliant, & safe

Hiring teams today are expected to make sound hiring decisions despite dated records, confusing charge language, changing compliance regulations, and lack of context around records. 

Checkr’s suite of adjudication tools helps your team focus and move quickly without sacrificing safety and compliance.

Checkr’s adjudication toolset

Adjudication Assess

Assess standard

Reduce manual work by up to 70%

Adjudication can be a manual, time-intensive process that may subject you to legal risk if done inconsistently across different counties and their unique reporting methods. 

Checkr’s Assess Standard adjudication feature saves you time, increases your pool of eligible candidates, and helps you practice fair chance hiring by automatically deemphasizing records you decide aren’t relevant.

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Assess Premium

Make hiring decisions faster

Supercharge your large scale adjudication process even further with Assess Premium. 

Assess Premium empowers teams with granular filters across 235 charge categories. By pre-defining criteria based on the EEOC nature-time-nature guidelines, teams can spend fewer resources on adjudication, speed up the evaluation process, and onboard new hires even faster. 

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Candidate Stories

Gain context.
Gain candidates.

A charge on a record is only a partial story. With Checkr, candidates can provide context to their background checks that help you make more informed hiring decisions, and give people a fair chance at their future. 

Checkr Product Visual Pre Adverse Action Notice

Adverse Actions

Workflows designed to support your compliance

When making a negative hiring decision based on information found in a background check, companies need to follow certain procedures. Checkr’s adverse action workflow is designed to reduce the heavy lifting for your hiring teams, give candidates an opportunity to provide context around their records, and support compliance.   

Why adjudicators love Checkr

Automated compliance

Our compliance engine is built to account for federal, state, and local laws—even when they conflict. These rules are baked into the reporting process so all records that appear in a report are aligned to regulatory requirements.

Language normalization

Background data is fragmented, to say the least. Each jurisdiction and county has their own rules and regulations, plus their own language and set of terms used for charges and dispositions. Checkr developed a language classifier so that you only encounter plain English on reports you adjudicate.

Modern UI

Gone are the cumbersome adjudication matrixes of the past. Checkr is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

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