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Unblock your hiring funnel

Modernizing the adjudication process can help your company hire more people with fewer hours of manual work. With Checkr, you can spend as little as one hour per week on adjudication, and get more consistent, more compliant results across more candidates.

Make hiring decisions faster

Spend fewer resources on adjudication, speed up the process, and get new hires through the door faster by setting your criteria for a role upfront and viewing only relevant records.

Lower compliance risk

Checkr helps you build safeguards to only surface reportable charges that you flag as relevant, increase consistency, and reduce potential bias.

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Broaden your candidate pool

Powerful analytics allow you to see hiring patterns and predict funnel impact before making changes to your hiring criteria. Discover where to further optimize your funnel to avoid ruling out qualified candidates.

Why adjudicators love Checkr

Automated compliance

Our compliance engine is built to account for federal, state, and local laws — even when they conflict. These rules are baked into the reporting process so all records that appear in a report are aligned to regulatory requirements.

Language normalization

Background data is fragmented, to say the least. Each jurisdiction and county has their own rules and regulations, plus their own language and set of terms used for charges and dispositions. Checkr developed a language classifier so that you only encounter plain English on reports you adjudicate.

Modern UI

Gone are the cumbersome adjudication matrixes of the past. Checkr is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

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