Professional license verification

A professional license background check confirms your candidate holds the professional license necessary to be eligible for the role. Checkr helps you hire faster by automating this important step in your screening process.

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Top reasons employers conduct professional license checks

Organizations use professional license verifications (PLV) to:

Confirm candidate eligibility

Professional license verification may be required to determine eligibility for highly specialized or regulated roles.

Make informed hiring decisions

Confirm your candidate’s professional credential or license is active and in good standing.

Perform due diligence

Businesses operating in regulated industries can minimize the risk of employing unlicensed individuals in roles for which a professional license is required.

Graphic showing what a professional license verification show in the Checkr dashboard.

Accelerate candidate credential verification with Checkr

For companies hiring for highly regulated or specialized roles, adding a layer of credential checks to the hiring process can cause friction in your screening program. Checkr helps you:

Scale your screening program

Credential checks are built into the background check dashboard and directly integrated with license databases for accurate, real-time results. 

Get fast results

Most licenses are verified instantly, or completed within 1-2 business days. 

Hire confidently

Checkr validates that your candidate’s license is active (i.e., not expired), is in good standing, and matches the name of the candidate.

Checkr’s professional license verification service

With Checkr’s professional license verification you can quickly and confidently confirm your candidates’ licenses and certifications are active and in good standing. With our automated verifications, Checkr can instantly verify credential check services across a wide range of industries, including, but not limited to:

Veterinary medicine

Mental health




Coast Guard


Real estate

IT (Technology)




Graphic showing how professional license verification works for healthcare licensing in Checkr.

Streamline your credential check process with Checkr

Complete screenings faster

Checkr leverages automation and third-party verification data to streamline the manual processes that can slow down professional license verification. 

Keep candidates in the pipeline

Our easy-to-use candidate portal, US-based candidate support, and background check ETAs work together to promote transparency throughout the candidate journey and increase conversion.

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Looking for professional license verifications?

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