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How A Leading Roadside Assistance Company Leverages Technology & Data to Drive a Customer-First Business

Agero and Checkr Story

Agero is leading the digitalization of driver assistance services on a massive scale. Their white-label roadside assistance, accident management, consumer affairs, and digital dispatch solutions are informed by deep industry expertise and insight from more than 12 million annual events.

Agero provides roadside assistance programs for some of the most well-known automaker and auto insurance brands in the U.S. Over the last 20 years, Agero has invested in leveraging innovative technology and big data to provide an enhanced experience for its consumers. Agero sought to measure every service event they’re engaged in and use that data to continuously drive greater value for its clients and their consumers.

During this, Agero realized their current background check process – for evaluating both employee candidates as well as third-party service contractors – was not on par with the processes of the rest of the organization. To maintain their growing service provider network, they needed a background check company that could handle a high volume of checks quickly while meeting the varying needs of their clients. In addition, Agero was looking for a solution that delivered a smooth and simple experience for their candidates to attract top talent for their internal teams.

After completing an RFP with over eight different background check companies, Agero ultimately chose Checkr because of their technology-first solutions, experience with managing high volume, and focus on a high level of customer service and collaboration. Once implemented, Checkr was able to improve candidate background check completion rates and decrease time to complete background checks all while maintaining a high level of compliance and safety.

How Agero succeeds with Checkr

  • Time to onboard: Checkr helps reduce the time it takes a worker to onboard. In the last year alone, Agero ran over 3,000 background checks with Checkr.
  • Differing requirements across geographies and customers: Agero leverages Checkr to set geography-specific adjudication roles for its customers across the U.S.
  • Reduce risk at high volume: With over 115 million drivers protected each year, Checkr helps Agero hire large numbers of top talent safely and quickly.
On Demand
3,000 background checks per year

Agero’s Favorite Features

Adjudication Matrix: Ensure compliance and mitigate risk based on geography and role type.

API Integration: Makes the screening process smoother and more efficient.

Candidate Friendly Automation: Low-touch, mobile-friendly experience

“Checkr is easy for our providers and internal teams to use and we can be confident the process is completed securely and accurately.”
Peter Necheles
Chief Legal Officer, Agero

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