Driving Success: Agero Partners with Checkr for a World-Class Hiring Experience

Company Overview

As the #1 B2B, white-label provider of digital driver assistance services, Agero’s mission is to reimagine the vehicle ownership experience through a powerful combination of passionate people and data-driven technology, strengthening our clients’ relationships with their customers.


Digital roadside platform


1,000 - 2,000 background checks a year on average

Key results

30% reduction in average TAT since switching to Checkr

Products Used

The Agero - Checkr Story

Agero, the leading white-label provider of digital driver assistance services, manages one of the largest national networks of independent service providers. Agero serves leading automobile manufacturers and insurance carriers, providing driver assistance services that strengthen their customers’ relationships. To support their clients, Agero’s talent acquisition team is tasked with finding the best talent to provide a world-class experience.

As Head of Talent Acquisition, David Muller and his team are responsible for recruiting for all contact centers and a robust corporate organization. They focus on STEM roles such as engineers and data scientists, which make up 80% of their hires. When David arrived at Agero, one of his first actions was to evaluate their existing technology stack to identify areas for enhancing process efficiency. His strategy involved developing an integration-focused hiring process that minimized the number of separate systems his team needed to access to perform their duties effectively.

Before implementing Checkr, Agero's background check process was inefficient due to a lack of necessary APIs and integrations with their core systems. David and his team had to log into multiple platforms to initiate background checks. Additionally, there were inefficiencies in their ability to review and adjudicate reports consistently, as everything was done manually.

Candidates were often confused because they were directed to a destination that didn't align with Agero’s corporate identity. As a result, David and his team constantly answered questions to verify the site's legitimacy. In addition, Agero's team repeatedly logged in throughout the day to monitor the progress of background checks.

After seeking advice from clients and partners who had previously used Checkr, David discovered the platform and its compatibility with Greenhouse. This prompted him to make the decision to transition to Checkr.

One of my favorite Checkr features is the dashboard. It’s visually appealing, it’s clear, and the UX is incredible. I’m able to grab a screenshot quickly and see where we are in almost ‌real time—it's extraordinarily valuable in my role.
David Muller
Head of Talent Acquisition, Agero

Since switching to Checkr, the candidate experience has been easier, it provides more visibility into background check results, and it has increased candidates’ confidence that their data is secure. Checkr’s candidate portal offers valuable education surrounding the background check process, reducing the number of candidate questions to which David’s team is required to respond.

Agero’s hiring process is designed so that all of the partners involved are connected and integrated into the Greenhouse process flow, so it was essential that Checkr would fit seamlessly into that existing workflow. “The Checkr and Greenhouse teams were very clear that the integration process was a consultative approach,” said David. “It was a matter of weeks before we were up and running. Once it went live, it was seamless and we have not looked back.”

The integration from Checkr into Greenhouse has had an enormous and almost instant positive impact. The ability to initiate and track the progress of background checks within Greenhouse accelerated almost all of the operational improvements that we had in queue.
David Muller
Head of Talent Acquisition, Agero

Agero’s talent acquisition team can order ‌background checks, review status, and send updates to candidates, all within Greenhouse. “The impact was extraordinary,” said David. “The Checkr implementation served as a proof of concept for us that a large, high-volume, high-demand partner could see significant operational improvements in just a short amount of time.”

David and his team primarily focus on conducting domestic criminal background checks using Checkr. They also have a few international hires located in the UK, Canada, and Ireland, where Agero has limited teams in client services, engineering, product, and data science. His team's top priority is to verify any criminal charges that might be relevant to their clients' security requirements for those handling their accounts.

For Agero, the time it takes to complete a background check is crucial. By resolving the check within a single workweek, Agero can swiftly move candidates from the administrative phase of the hiring process into the onboarding experience. A two- to five-day turnaround time on background checks enables that competitive advantage. “It’s a metric where Checkr has been very consistent and we’ve seen some impressive improvements,” said David.

Our experience with Checkr has been nothing short of exceptional. When I have folks reaching out asking who we use for background checks, I advocate for and recommend Checkr.
David Muller
Head of Talent Acquisition, Agero

Agero's favorite features

Makes it easy to share metrics and results with senior leadership, executives, and board members
Customer Support
Open communication with Checkr’s customer support and success teams 
Integration with Greenhouse:
Manage entire hiring process in one place
Improved Candidate Visibility
Easy-to-use candidate portal, faster background checks, reduction in candidate support requests  

Trusted by more than 100,000 customers

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