Roadside Assistance Company Grows a National Driver Network in Highly Regulated Industry

How HONK Sets the Bar for Industry Compliance and Risk Mitigation with Checkr Resources and Training

Company Overview

HONK Technologies is an innovative on-demand mobility and roadside assistance platform for connecting motorists, tow professionals, and insurers. HONK manages next-generation roadside assistance programs for leading insurance carriers, OEMs, fleets, and mobility companies. HONK has created a digital, safer, smarter alternative to the multiple hour-long waits and insufficient options of the past, transforming the roadside assistance industry customer experience from its world-class, curated Service Provider Partner Network.




51-200 employees

Key Results

Placement Rate

20% increase in applicant conversion

Time Savings

25% decrease in time spent on email updates


95% reduction in turnaround time (3 weeks to 1 day)

Products Used

The HONK-Checkr Story

HONK contractors drive their clients’ customers in all 50 states, which means they need clean driving records. With Checkr MVR screenings, HONK gains insight into driving history, criminal background, and any motor-related charges that help predict risk and keep their national network completely secure.

HONK’s clients include insurance companies and fleet companies with strict safety needs and federal compliance standards. These include standards set by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission and Fair Credit Reporting Act, among others. In order to set the bar for compliance in their industry, HONK relies on Checkr’s extensive and up-to-date Knowledge Center. Their entire compliance team has received training on the adjudication process, EEOC and FCRA laws, as well as updates on legislative changes.

Checkr helps ensure our business is compliant with state and federal regulations. We’ve used the Checkr Knowledge Center to train our entire compliance team on the adjudication process, EEOC laws, FCRA, and any updates to legislation.
Andrea Hall
Director of Marketplace Operations

To grow their network and their business, HONK needs to onboard a high volume of contractors very quickly. Checkr has reduced HONK’s background check turnaround time from 2-3 weeks to under 24 hours. Checkr’s mobile integration allows applicants to complete their entire onboarding process via HONK’s app, giving them a better overall experience and allowing most to begin providing services within just days of applying. HONK streamlines the process even further with Progressive Screening. This tool allows the Motor Vehicle Report to run first, and if the driver doesn’t pass, HONK knows it doesn’t need to run a criminal report, ultimately saving on costs.

With Checkr as a trusted partner, HONK ensures their independent contractors are background checked and in compliance. Checkr’s tools and automations have also allowed HONK to convert 2 compliance team members over to marketing and focus on continued network and company growth.

HONK's favorite features

Mobile integration to streamline application and onboarding processes
Automations to improve efficiency and productivity
Best in class resources and platform training
Ability to offer a national network of drivers with 100% safety and security

Trusted by more than 100,000 customers

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