Logistics Platform Leverages Checkr to Reduce Risk and Improve Operational Efficiency

How automated adjudication helps DRAIVER streamline driver vetting

Company Overview

DRAIVER works to help connect drivers with people who need to move their vehicles. Being a highly regulated industry, safety and compliance are of the utmost importance to DRAIVER. As DRAIVER scaled rapidly, they were in need of a background check provider that could not only scale with them, but also ensure their customers that DRAIVER would continue to uphold the safety standards they’d come to expect.


On Demand/Tech


9,000+ background checks / year

Key Results

Fast turnaround

Average turn around time of 48 hours or less on MVRs

Cost reduction

Progressive screening ensures safety and reduces spend

Quick results

Average turn around time of 72 hours or less on criminal checks

Products Used

The DRAIVER-Checkr Story

DRAIVER uses Checkr’s adjudication tools to help DRAIVER find the candidates they need and get them through the onboarding process and on the road as quickly as possible.

Thanks to Checkr’s adjudication process and speed of turnaround, DRAIVER is able to process upwards of 300 drivers in a week. With Checkr, candidates not passing specific flags are automatically and systematically denied from the Checkr platform relieving DRAIVER from additional work reviewing.

Checkr is the only company that we know of that’s able to meet our demand for accuracy and prompt reporting.
Kathy Zapp
Chief Risk Officer, DRAIVER

Without Checkr, DRAIVER’s driver vetting process would be strenuous, stressful and would take many staff additions. Drivers that pass all checks are automatically activated in DRAIVER’s system via API.

DRAIVER measures the value of Checkr based on their ability to meet new market demand at a cost that fits into their projected financials. With Checkr’s people trust platform, DRAIVER has scaled their operations and brought additional drivers to the road. They’re now able to support more customers without having to significantly scale up their adjudication team or worry about fulfillment.

DRAIVER's favorite features

Customizable Adjudication
Make unbiased decisions and expand talent pools
Compliance Technology
Proprietary compliance technology to ensure data is legally reportable and accurate, while helping to reduce human biases
API Integration
Makes screening process smoother and more efficient

Trusted by more than 100,000 customers

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