DAVIS partners with Checkr to save time and improve candidate experience

Learn how integrating their onboarding software with Checkr turned The DAVIS Companies’ once disjointed hiring process into a seamless, positive candidate experience.

Company Overview

The DAVIS Companies is a preferred source for Staffing Solutions and Talent Advisory Services, specializing in contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire staffing for Engineering, Skilled Manufacturing, IT, and Software personnel. A recognized leader in the staffing industry for the past 30 years, DAVIS Companies partners with top employers both locally and nationally.




3,000 - 4,000 background checks per year (on average)


As a staffing firm that runs close to 4,000 background checks a year, DAVIS relies on a hiring process that provides a seamless experience for candidates. Yet with their previous background check vendor, candidates were forced to log in and out multiple times, causing delays and confusion for candidates and creating extra work for HR.


By integrating their onboarding software, Bullhorn OTE, with Checkr, DAVIS was able to streamline and speed up the hiring process, allowing HR teams to dedicate more time to strengthening the candidate and new hire experience.

Products Used

The DAVIS-Checkr Story

The DAVIS Companies is a staffing company that specializes in sourcing engineering, IT, software, and manufacturing personnel. Virtually all of their clients require a background check, resulting in around 4,000 background checks on average each year.

With both DAVIS and their client base experiencing major growth, Human Resources Manager Claire Gibree knew that candidate experience needed to become a high priority in order to source top talent. Yet, a major roadblock to achieving a great candidate experience was their clunky background check process.

Their previous background check vendor was not well integrated with their onboarding software, Bullhorn OTE - Onboarding Talent Experience. Candidates needed to access multiple systems to enter the information required to run their background checks, resulting in loss of information, candidate churn, and more manual work to keep track of the various moving parts.

Claire set her sights on a new background check vendor that could provide a better candidate experience, as well as reduce candidate drop off. She chose Checkr because it offered a single sign-on experience through the integration with Bullhorn OTE, so candidates could start and finish their onboarding process all in one place. The integration also gave Claire’s internal teams an easier way to review reports in one place.

The first sign Claire made the right choice was how quickly, and seamlessly, Checkr got things up and running, “We aligned our contact at Bullhorn with our contact at Checkr, and the implementation process was seamless,” said Claire, “It didn’t require very much work on our end. We simply provided the information, and they set everything up for us. We were able to get up and running rather quickly.”

Claire also noticed how easy and efficient the login process was for candidates – night and day from their previous vendor. Before Checkr, they were constantly dealing with candidates who were unable to log in. After switching to Checkr, everything was effortless and login issues became a nonissue. Candidates were easily able to sign into Bullhorn OTE and take care of their hiring and onboarding requirements in one place. The integration turned what used to be a several hour process for the candidate into something that after Checkr, takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

The thing that we loved the most to start with was Checkr’s ability to integrate and allow our candidates to have a single sign-on place for their candidate onboarding needs. They just sign into Bullhorn OTE and take care of everything through there. That was our biggest priority as far as candidate experience on our end, and that really improved things.
Claire Gibree
Human Resources Manager, The DAVIS Companies

What’s more, since DAVIS has a wide variety of clients with diverse hiring demands, Checkr gives them the ability to set up custom background check packages for each type of role in order to match their clients' specific needs. “We work really hard to ensure that we meet the needs of our clients, however specific they may be, and Checkr is right there with us,” said Claire, “easily and seamlessly helping us to create new packages that are custom to our clients needs.”

Background checks aren’t the only Checkr solution DAVIS uses – and values. According to Claire, Checkr’s onsite drug screen product is just as turnkey. Candidates are able to select a location for their drug screen, register for the test, and sign the necessary documents all within one workflow.

Another Checkr feature that DAVIS uses is candidate stories, which allows candidates to share additional context around their records, prior circumstances, and efforts they’ve made to better themselves. Claire and her team are now able to review additional information from candidates and ensure compliance standards are being met, while also creating a positive candidate experience.

When it comes to overall ease of use, Claire appreciates how user-friendly and straightforward the Checkr platform is for candidates, often eliminating the need to step in and mitigate candidate-driven issues. And when they do run into an occasional hurdle, the Checkr customer success team is easily accessible and transparent, providing clear communication to help resolve problems.

We have monthly meetings with our customer success team, and those are always really great. We hear about updates and then are able to voice any concerns we’re having. And also, the product is very user-friendly. The dashboard and everything like that is so simple to use. I love how candidates can keep track of deliverables on their own side, so they’re not always reaching out to us for updates, which is great. So, all of those things I really like and I would definitely recommend
Claire Gibree
Human Resources Manager, The DAVIS Companies

Checkr has made what was once a disjointed, lengthy, and frustrating experience into a seamless, simple, and successful hiring and onboarding process for DAVIS, their clients, and the candidates.

I absolutely would recommend Checkr. Everyone I’ve worked with has been really great. The sales process was phenomenal. I was vetting a lot of different background check vendors, and the salesperson that I worked with at Checkr was great. That made it a really good experience. Plus, without having to step in and be the ‘middleman’ all the time, we’re really able to just focus on building and strengthening our candidate relationships.
Claire Gibree
Human Resources Manager, The DAVIS Companies

The DAVIS Companies' favorite features

Seamlessly embeds into existing hiring and onboarding systems
Ease of Use
Simple, easy-to-use interface accelerates the hiring process and ensures a positive candidate experience
Direct-to-candidate communications eliminate the “middleman,” giving the HR team more time back in their day
Average turnaround time of 1 day on Standard package with drug testing

Trusted by more than 100,000 customers

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