How Staffing Company Achieves High-Velocity Hiring with Minimal Time and Overhead

Checkr’s Full System Integration Optimizes Efficiencies and Ensures Compliance for TalentBurst.

Company Overview

TalentBurst is an award-winning provider of Total Talent Management Solutions including EOR, AOR, High Hazard Payroll, Global Payroll and IT & Engineering staffing. A certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with offices in Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto and Gurgaon, India. TalentBurst Global Talent Cloud solutions and Staff Augmentation solutions are consistently top ranked in technology, engineering, professional services, scientific and healthcare staffing needs.


Staffing & Recruiting


300 Background Checks/Month

Key Results


Onboarding time reduced from 3 days to 5 minutes


Up to 300 background checks completed each month


99% reduction in turnaround time (5-7 days to seconds)

Products Used

The TalentBurst-Checkr Story

In high-velocity hiring, TalentBurst sets itself apart by creating exceptional candidate experiences. Candidates are empowered with Checkr’s easy-to-use platform that automates most processes. They are staying engaged with TalentBurst despite a highly competitive market. With Checkr’s automated alerts, candidates receive requests for documents and status updates immediately. They also send requested documents directly to Checkr. This means TalentBurst employees spend far fewer hours fielding emails and calls, and candidate communications are streamlined and kept private. Several times, Checkr alerts have allowed a TalentBurst candidate to receive clearance after hours and begin work the next morning.

We’re able to hire larger workforces with less manual intervention, which means lower overhead costs and a better experience for my employees, who are not having to work longer hours, be on the phone more, or respond to more emails.
Brad Talwar
Co-founder and CEO

Checkr integrates with TalentBurst's onboarding, payment processing, vendor management, and payroll. This helps TalentBurst successfully support even it's largest volume customers. In terms of speed, Checkr has reduced their background check turnaround time from 5-7 days down to as little as 30 seconds, and candidate onboarding is down from 3 days to less than 5 minutes, with start to finish self-service.

With locations across 46 states and 6 countries, TalentBurst must keep compliance with different and often changing background, MVR, worker authorization, and employee rights statues. Checkr helps TalentBurst adhere to strict compliance requirements at the federal, state, and local levels.

Why Checkr?

  • Accurately comply with complex federal, state, and local regulations
  • Reduce manual input time with automations and integrations
  • Reduce hiring and onboarding time
  • User-friendly, intuitive platform that is quick to train on

TalentBurst's favorite features

Responsive support team
Automatic updates and notifications sent directly to candidates
Checkr integrates into technology stack enabling 99% automated onboarding
Checkr platform saves and transfers candidate information, eliminating redundant input
Checkr encourages self-service with ETA’s automatic notifications
Candidates can receive requests and send documents directly to Checkr, reducing hours spent responding emails and calls

Trusted by more than 100,000 customers

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