FOSS dives into hiring with Checkr as its background check anchor

How switching to Checkr increased the transparency, accessibility and speed of their background screenings.

Company Overview

Foss Swim School teaches students to love water—not just to swim. Their proven Swim Path™ curriculum, highly-trained teachers and pools designed for learning can help any swimmer reach their goal of graduating as a strong, well-rounded swimmer.


Staffing / Professional Services


501 to 1,000 employees

Key Results


FOSS needed a background check provider that would seamlessly integrate with their existing systems while helping them hire at a rapid speed.


FOSS partnered with Checkr to reduce their background check turnaround time, identify candidates that would otherwise have been overlooked, and help build trust with their new hires.

Products Used

The FOSS-Checkr Story

Foss Swim School had an ambitious goal: double their employee count at multiple locations across the country. What’s more, they weren’t just looking for the “traditional” swim instructor with experience in the aquatics industry, because in this tight labor market, such skills are hard to find. Instead, they extended their reach to include those who were comfortable in the water, shared FOSS’ values, and could excel in their extensive training program once hired. Knowing they wanted to grow at a fast rate, while also seeking nontraditional candidates, they needed to rely on HR systems that were well integrated and produced accurate results in a timely manner.

That’s why FOSS turned to Checkr.

As many of these applicants had never been through the background check process, FOSS used Checkr’s candidate portal to build trust and increase conversion, while also creating a strong foundation for a working relationship. Candidates have real-time visibility into the status of their background check, are able to use their mobile devices to access the candidate portal, and receive dedicated support if any concerns arise.

I really love telling the candidate at the end of hiring what the next steps are, and being able to tell them that everything I see on the Checkr background check they also get to see; we will see it at the same time. You can see the relief that it gives them. So, that’s a great way to start a relationship with our new hires.
Katrin Friday
Talent Acquisition Specialist, Foss Swim School

With Checkr, not only have they seen a 78% reduction in average turnaround time on background checks, but Katrin also appreciates how accessible and transparent everything is for their team – and for potential new hires. “I think the integration [with our current ATS] was the initial reason why we switched to Checkr, and its continued to play a huge role in our success,” said Katrin Friday, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Foss Swim School. “We would definitely struggle to get employees in the door if Checkr was slower and not integrated. So the fact that it’s fast and seamless makes the whole experience A-plus.”

FOSS’ growth doesn’t stop there. They continue to focus on doubling employee count, opening new locations, and offering more swim classes to their communities.

Katrin also found that Checkr’s Candidate Stories feature made it easier to implement fair chance hiring practices through more meaningful engagement. With Checkr’s Candidate Stories feature, candidates are able to submit additional context and supporting documentation in the candidate portal, providing FOSS with a better understanding of any previous indiscretions. Katrin and their team can then use that additional context from the story to determine whether the candidate is still a good fit, instilling a sense of trust and ability to move forward.

Literally from day one of my introduction to Checkr, from the emails I’ve received from marketing, to my interactions with sales, its been above and beyond. With any company I expect some level of professionalism. But with Checkr, everyone is professional, kind, conscientious and creative. I could talk about how awesome Checkr is forever.
Katrin Friday
Talent Acquisition Specialist, Foss Swim School

Foss Swim School's favorite features

Candidate Stories
Candidates can share additional context around their records, prior circumstances, and efforts they’ve made to better themselves
ATS Integration
Pre-built integrations that help plug Checkr's platform and tools right into their HR systems
Candidate Portal
End-to-end candidate portal that helps build trust during the background check process and increases conversion

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