Lyft partners with Checkr for increased accuracy and faster turnaround on background checks

Company Overview

Lyft is an on-demand rideshare service that provides transportation for riders all around the United States and Canada.


On-demand transportation


1,001 – 5,000 employees

Favorite features

Checkr Assess

Provides the ability to set criteria for specific roles upfront, speeding up the hiring process and reducing manual work

Dedicated Support

Best-in-class resources, regular check-ins, and fast response times


Faster turnaround time on criminal and MVR screenings

Products Used

The Lyft-Checkr Story

Checkr has had a great impact on Lyft’s business, and that’s why we have a long term partnership.
Allen Lohse
Director of Legal and Regulatory, Lyft

Lyft has been connecting riders with drivers since 2012, and with that comes ensuring they remain compliant with background screenings. With over 80 different laws to comply with, Allen Lohse, Director of Legal and Regulatory, and his team are responsible for meeting those requirements.

Lyft switched to Checkr in 2018 for faster turnaround times on background checks, improved technology capabilities, and increased accuracy of reporting.

Allen and his team run hundreds of thousands of background checks through Checkr each year. With such a large number of screenings and a small team, they rely on Checkr Assess to look at each record and score it against the standards they give to Checkr.

Checkr’s customer support is top notch. We’re a very fast-paced company, and the speed at which Checkr representatives get back to us is amazing
Allen Lohse
Director of Legal and Regulatory, Lyft

Trusted by more than 100,000 customers

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