FHI partners with Checkr to increase ease, speed and accuracy of drug screenings and background checks

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FHI provides companies with long-term and on-demand warehouse labor solutions using a data-driven approach.


Supply Chain/Distribution/Warehouse


1,001-5,000 employees

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Mobile App

Mobile accessibility makes the background check process easier for on-the-go associates.

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FHI - Checkr Story

FHI provides talent solutions for warehouse communities, servicing large grocery and auto parts retailers. The HR team is tasked with bringing in around 5,000 associates a year based on customer needs. Being in an extremely fast paced, highly regulated industry, FHI needed a background check partner that could get a high volume of candidates through the screening process quickly while still maintaining compliance. 

The lack of customer service and slow support response times from their previous background check vendor caused FHI to evaluate other options. FHI needed a background check provider that integrated with Workday, their HRIS system, would provide responsive customer service, and meet their strict compliance needs.

The ease in which Checkr integrated with Workday gave FHI the ability to quickly move a high-volume of candidates forward through the hiring process. Once FHI extended an offer, the seamless integration allowed them to get the necessary paperwork to the candidate within five minutes, so they could complete the screening process and hit the ground running.

When it comes to drug screening, FHI relies on the 6,000-plus Checkr clinics across the U.S. to make it easy and accessible for their associates – many of whom take public transportation – to get screened. 

The Checkr onsite drug screening has really changed the game for us to be able to quickly report and comply with regulatory requirements when a safety incident occurs. There are many onsite drug screening options, but we have not found one that works as well as the Checkr onsite drug screenings do.
Jamie Polk
VP of Human Resources and Safety, FHI

FHI also values Checkr for helping the company mitigate risk. Being in a highly regulated industry, it is crucial they comply with the different states in which they operate. With Checkr, FHI is able to run the necessary state-specific and national checks on each potential associate,  ensuring they meet the requirements, “It’s really important for us to have a background check and drug screening on every candidate and new associate that comes through our pipeline,” said Jamie, “We want to make sure we are hiring associates that are highly trained so we feel they can safely operate within their warehouses."

Since switching to Checkr, FHI has seen positive results, including increased operational efficiency and enhanced customer service, and they know this is only the beginning.

One of the differentiators of Checkr is the value of continuous improvement. Checkr is always willing to take our feedback and make changes. The continuous improvement aspect aligns with our value of results, which is why our partnership has been so successful, and we’re looking forward to many more years of partnership.
Jamie Polk
VP of Human Resources and Safety, FHI

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