Checkr helps Bungii go the distance with fast, easy background checks

How switching to Checkr resulted in faster turnaround time and increased transparency on background checks, freeing up Operations to focus on other key priorities.

Company Overview

Bungii is a tech-enabled delivery platform that unlocks same day last mile delivery capabilities to drive incremental sales and increase customer satisfaction. Their platform is an extension of their partners’ logistics networks for large item, same-day delivery.


Gig economy


10,000+ background checks per year

Key Results


98% reduction in average turnaround time (from 1 week to 2-3 hours)

Drop Off Rate

Virtually zero percent drop off rate at background check stage

Products Used

The Bungii-Checkr Story

Founded in 2015, Bungii started out as a consumer-facing app-based service, but quickly expanded into a tech-enabled delivery platform serving local and national partners across the country.

With this rapid expansion came the need to hire more drivers, and quickly.

As Director of Supply, Kaylan Pohlman is responsible for onboarding, but also for training and on-the-job performance. With so much on her plate, she needs to work with systems that are integrated, automated and efficient. However, Bungii’s previous background check provider wasn’t reliable, resulting in gaps in reporting and a lack of confidence in the information they were receiving. Kaylan found herself spending hours inputting candidates’ information manually, which took time away from other, more pressing priorities.

As Bungii continued to grow and expand, they knew it was time to invest in platforms to help make onboarding more efficient – and Checkr was one of the first partners they brought on to help achieve this goal.

When we found Checkr, it blew my mind that I just have to enter some basic information about the applicant, and then the check is back to me in a few hours … it’s allowed me to expand my job from just finding as many drivers as possible, to now having the time to focus efforts on recruiting the highest-quality drivers.
Kaylan Pohlman
Director of Supply, Bungii

Not only did Checkr easily integrate with their existing hiring platform, Fountain, but it simplified and sped up the background check process. The turnaround time for background checks went from about a week with their previous vendor to an average of a few hours with Checkr.

From a candidate experience perspective, Checkr has made the background check process simple and transparent for both Bungii and their driver applicants.

In the past, Bungii tended to see applicants drop off whenever the onboarding workflow was interrupted, such as having to upload a document for their background check. Since partnering with Checkr, however, they’ve experienced virtually no drop off at this phase in the process.

Kaylan attributes much of the decline in drop off to Checkr’s easy and straightforward user experience, which makes the candidate feel comfortable providing information for the background check.

We tend to see that anytime we interrupt the flow on the onboarding workflow, we see drop off. So the fact that Checkr is integrated, and the process for submitting consent is so simple, we don’t see drop off at this point in the hiring process.
Kaylan Pohlman
Director of Supply, Bungii

What’s more, Kaylan appreciates that once the background check is submitted, Checkr shares the same information with both Bungii and the candidate in real time. Through Checkr’s Candidate Portal, applicants can access their background check information and status, giving them full transparency and autonomy to be able to proactively correct any issues with Checkr’s candidate support team.

Having this access also increases the trust between the candidate and Bungii and takes the burden off of Kaylan and her team to keep the candidate up to date.

We love working with Checkr because it is extremely reliable and allows us to be super scalable as we grow. It’s a huge reassurance to know Checkr is always working efficiently in the background.
Kaylan Pohlman
Director of Supply, Bungii

Bungii's favorite features

Enhanced visibility accelerates the hiring process and ensures a positive candidate experience
Seamlessly embeds into existing hiring and onboarding systems
Automated workflows eliminate manual processes so background checks start and complete faster

Trusted by more than 100,000 customers

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