G2 Grid & Compare Report for Checkr | Spring 2024

Checkr | Spring 2024

Every quarter, G2 publishes its rankings of the top background check software based on verified user reviews. This report summarizes the Spring 2024 rankings that were released in March 2024. You’ll learn why Checkr is the leading provider based on user rankings, as well as how the top providers are ranked across several criteria, including user satisfaction and G2’s proprietary Relationship Index and Grid® Report.

Whether you’re currently using a background check platform or are looking to implement one, this guide will provide you with insights and third-party review data for making an informed decision.

G2 names Checkr a “Leader” in the background check category

For Checkr, being named a leader is especially meaningful because G2 scores are based on ratings and reviews from actual customers. The employers and organizations who use Checkr every day for background checks are our most valuable source of feedback, and it’s rewarding to know we’re serving their needs.

New customer satisfaction ratings from G2 show Checkr is rated highly across the board, including these three key categories:

  • Satisfaction, including Ease of Setup, Ease of Use, and Quality of Support
  • Features, including Compliance, Screening and Assessments, and Real-Time Tracking
  • Recommendation and Product Direction, including “Likelihood to Recommend”

Checkr's satisfaction ratings

About G2

G2, the world's leading business software review platform, leverages real business user reviews to drive better purchasing decisions. Technology buyers, investors, and analysts use G2 to compare and select the best software based on peer reviews and synthesized social data.

Keeping ratings unbiased is G2’s top priority. They require the use of a LinkedIn account or verified business email address to validate a G2 user’s identity and employer. Additionally, all reviews are manually checked by their team. Only the opinions of real users and data from public sources factor into the ratings.

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About G2’s background checks category

Background check solutions provide companies, organizations and candidates with pre-employment screening solutions to help confirm the veracity of new hires’ stated backgrounds. The solutions help organizations streamline the screening process for new hires and volunteers, as well as organize the data collected through the screening process. These solutions commonly conduct employment, education, credit history, and criminal background checks, while some even facilitate drug screens.

Keep in mind that vendors that conduct background checks must be accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and classified as a consumer reporting agency (CRA) under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Some background check providers are not themselves compliant, but instead provide integrations or work through third parties that are compliant with state and federal laws.

Checkr is classified as a consumer reporting agency and is accredited by the PBSA.

Background check software is typically offered in conjunction with a larger suite of core HR solutions but, if sold individually, often integrates with applicant tracking systems (ATS). Integration with an ATS is useful because it allows companies or HR departments to access background check information through one online portal using a single sign on, streamlining the application process and helping HR maintain a holistic view of each candidate.

Checkr integrates with more than 90 leading ATS, HRIS solutions and onboarding systems.

To qualify for inclusion in G2’s Background Check category, a product must:

  • Provide background screening of candidates such as employment, education, credit history, and criminal background checks
  • Track the status of background checks in real time
  • Facilitate direct communication between the candidate and screeners
  • Securely store and protect all background check results
  • Integrate with a larger suite of HR software

Checkr is the “Market Leader” on G2 grid for background check solutions

G2 scores background check solutions based on reviews gathered from its user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks, and places them into four categories. These scores are mapped on its proprietary G2 Grid®, which you can use to compare products, streamline the buying process, and quickly identify the best products based on the experiences of your peers.

G2 places Checkr as the Market Leader among over 150 background check solutions. Market leaders have the highest scores for both product satisfaction and market presence, which is reflected with our number one ranking according to the G2 Grid®.

Grid for background check software

About G2’s background check grid quadrants


While Contenders have high market presence scores, their product satisfaction scores are below the category averages.

Market leaders

Market leaders have the highest scores for both product satisfaction and market presence.


Niche solutions have low market presence and product satisfaction scores as compared to the rest of the category.

High performers

While high performers have high product satisfaction scores, they trail the rest of the category in market presence.

Checkr’s high user ratings outperform the competition in 3 key categories


Checkr received high scores for satisfaction versus leading competitors. Unlike legacy providers, Checkr is a technology company at its core – our platform is designed to be easy to use for employers and candidates alike. The platform’s intuitive process and automated workflows allow employers to get set up and start screening candidates faster, with less hassle, and with more confidence than any other service.

Checkr’s easy-to-setup and use features include:

  • Online account set up and business verification, typically within minutes.
  • Streamlined processes, automated workflows, and a 100% paperless experience.
  • Simple, modern dashboard that makes starting and reviewing checks quick and easy.
  • Pre-bundled background check packages that can be easily customized.
  • FCRA-trained 24/7 customer support team, available when you need them.
Easy, user-friendly solution

"Vastly improved user experience for candidates, with a ton of transparency for progress in the process. Also a beautiful and modern site design!"
Verified User
Retail, Enterprise

Checkr's satisfaction ratings

We love Checkr!

"We have been able to reduce our time to clear and employee to start by 50%. This has reduced pain points for new employees, hiring managers, and our internal team."
Hannah S.
Staffing Coordinator, Mid-market


With Checkr, peace of mind comes with the platform. Our platform features are built to help your organization mitigate risk of fines and lawsuits, anticipate and stay ahead of compliance updates, and handle compliance tasks with ease. Plus, our automated workflows, intuitive dashboard, and candidate-friendly apply flow help speed the background check process from end-to-end.

Our advanced platform helps make background checks easier and faster with:

  • Status updates for employers and candidates that include estimated completion dates for background checks.
  • Machine learning quickly categorizes criminal charges from jurisdictions across the US, making charge language clearer and reducing time spent on manual review.
  • Compliance workflows and support for FCRA, EEOC, Ban the Box, and local regulations to help take the pressure off your HR team.

Checkr's highest rated features

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Hassle-free background checks

"Checkr seamlessly integrates with my Paylocity HRIS system. Ordering background checks takes only a couple of clicks. The cost is very reasonable and customer service responds very quickly."
Janna D.
Director of Human Resources, Mid-Market

Recommendation and product direction

Checkr’s high scores in this category are a strong indicator that customers trust Checkr to meet both their current and future background check needs.

That’s a goal Checkr’s product team and developers keep in mind every day. We listen to user feedback and continue to deliver new services, product enhancements, and features to delight and satisfy customers.

Checkr is an amazing platform - super quick turnaround time!

"I have worked with various background check platforms, and Checkr has the best turnaround time."
Verified User
Information Technology and Services, Mid-Market

Recommendation and product direction

Super easy for everyone to use

"Checkr is simple, quick and easy to use. My company uses it for all of our background check needs and I honestly wouldn't look into any other platform for this type of work."
Verified User
Computer Hardware, Mid-Market

Checkr’s fast turnaround times

of nationwide criminal checks complete in <1 hour
of reports are completed within 15 minutes

Checkr leads the way in “Average Go Live Time” 

Understanding the implementation time and average ROI for a new tool or platform is extremely helpful—and when it impacts your company’s time-to-hire, an important KPI, the difference between one vendor over another can make a significant difference.

In comparison of time to go live across major screening vendors, G2 data shows Checkr customers are able to implement Checkr and start running background checks faster than customers using HireRight and Sterling.

Getting started with Checkr is significantly faster—more than a quarter of customers (28%) report a go live time of less than one day, while 48% say they implemented Checkr in less than one month.

Average Go Live Time: less than 1 day




Average Go Live Time: less than 1 month




Average Go Live Time: 1-3 months




How Checkr scores vs. HireRight, Sterling, and First Advantage

How customers rated Checkr across 24 categories in G2’s user satisfaction survey

Checkr’s modern background check solution

Organizations of all sizes depend on background checks to help them make informed hiring decisions. Choosing the right background screening partner can make your company a more competitive employer. That’s why so many organizations depend on Checkr to deliver fast, accurate, compliant background screening results.

Here’s how Checkr leads the industry:

  • Modern background check technology uses machine learning and automated workflows to eliminate manual processes so you can hire faster.
  • Real-time, proprietary data network and extensive partnerships with court runners for faster background checks.
  • First background check API to help companies build seamless user experiences, go-to-market faster, and drive revenue growth.

Checkr delivers fast, accurate background checks