Increase productivity with workflow automation

We understand that it’s not just background check speed that impacts your efficiency, so we’ve created tools to automate and optimize your workflow. Without being bogged down by repetitive, manual work, your team has time to focus on higher-value, strategic tasks. You can achieve more with fewer resources and scale capacity without scaling your team.

Tools for better visibility and efficiency

Insights help you optimize your process

Our analytics reveal hiring patterns among your adjudication team. This data helps you adjust your processes accordingly to boost productivity and compliance.

Save time and resources

By leveraging automation, our customers spend up to 97% less time adjudicating background checks. Spend fewer resources on adjudication, speed up the process, and convert more candidates.

De-risk confusing compliance processes

Hiring laws and regulations are constantly evolving and hard to keep track of. Checkr accounts for regional compliance regulations and automatically generates authorizations, disclosures, and adverse action notices to reduce the risk of human error.

Plan for hiring needs ahead of time

Gain insight into the current status and completion date for each background check, so your team can better plan for seasonal shifts in demand and communicate start dates with confidence.

Checkr ETA

Reduce questions about background check status up to 71%

Checkr ETA is the most accurate background check report completion predictor in the industry. Using machine learning and unique data sources, Checkr is able to predict turnaround times at the county level and provide highly accurate ETAs for individual reports. Currently, 9 out of 10 reports will complete on or before the day predicted. These predictions will grow increasingly more accurate over time.

By sharing background check ETAs with candidates, customers have seen up to 71% fewer support tickets about report status. Less friction with candidates means a better experience—and ultimately better conversion.

Checkr Analytics

Use analytics to find optimization opportunities

Checkr’s Analytics help you better understand your own data, so you can optimize your adjudication workflow. With user-friendly dashboards, your team can get visibility into current background check turnaround times based on location.

But it’s not just about visibility. Equipped with insights into your own data, you can quickly identify bottlenecks, track adjudication consistency, and even find new opportunities to expand your candidate pool.

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