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Verification Search

Easily verify your candidate’s credentials—at home and abroad—without the administrative hassle.

Let’s start with the basics


What is a verification?

Verification checks help employers verify important candidate data such as education, employment, and licensing history. Checkr provides support internationally as well.

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Why is a verification check important?

Candidate success
Make sure your candidate has the right experience, credentials, and legal eligibility to meet industry standards.

Industry regulations
From nurses to plumbers, certifications and licenses are important to verify in order to maintain trust and compliance.

What verification screenings does Checkr offer?

With Checkr, verifications are no longer a roadblock to fast hiring. Our AI-powered platform verifies education, employment, and licensing—both nationally and internationally—while our stellar team conducts thorough reference checks.

National and International Employment Verifications

Verify a candidate’s last three employers—domestic or international. Reports include dates of employment, title(s) held, employment gaps, and salary when available.

National and International Education Verifications

Verify a candidate’s national and international education credentials such as degree received, course of study, and dates of attendance.

Professional License Verifications

Confirm the status and validity of a candidate’s license/certification—one time or continuously. Professional licenses are needed in industries like contracting, healthcare, and finance.

Personal or Professional Reference Checks

Save hours of administrative work by allowing Checkr to conduct reference checks on your company’s behalf. Choose from an industry standardized or custom question set.

Credit Check

Get insight into a candidate’s accounts including late payments, charge-offs, and collections. Checkr brings you a comprehensive view from public records and credit history reports.

FACIS Searches

Fraud Abuse Control Information System (FACIS) is a privately owned database containing adverse and non-adverse actions taken against a healthcare organization or professional. Checkr offers two levels of checks for federal and state compliance.

What to keep in mind when performing verification screenings

Checkr’s platform promotes fair and compliant practices with state of the art tools and technology. We are also your partner in education. When it comes to verification screenings, here are the primary laws and best-practices to consider.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

To build a compliant background check process, you must understand the FCRA and regional and local requirements around denying a candidate employment based on a criminal record.

Industry-specific regulations

Some industries, like commercial transportation and healthcare, are overseen by regulatory bodies that have specific requirements regarding pre-employment screenings.

Candidate Experience

Background checks can be intimidating, Checkr improves the user experience with online educational tools, live support, and access to report status in our mobile-friendly candidate portal.

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Customer Story

85% of background checks completed within 24 hours

With powerful search and evaluation tools, Checkr helped Crisis Text Line place qualified candidates quickly so they could serve at-risk communities without delay.

Explore more solutions with Checkr

Drug and Health Screenings

Pre-employment drug and health screenings include occupational health tests and controlled substance checks.

Criminal Background Screenings

Verify education and work history outside the US while also surfacing data regarding criminal history and international watchlists.

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