Civil Background Checks

County or Federal civil background checks are faster and more accurate with Checkr’s AI-powered platform.

Let’s start with the basics

What is a civil search?

County or Federal civil searches provide insight into a candidate’s legal history beyond criminal activity. Information may include actions such as restraining orders or breach of contract suits.

Why is understanding your candidate’s civil court record important?

Candidate eligibility and fit 

Does your candidate have a civil court record that would make it illegal or risky for them to perform the role? This check can help answer that question.

Organizational risk 

Civil searches can help protect your brand’s reputation, and reassure customers and employees of workplace safety.

We’ve got you covered

What kind of candidate court history will appear in a county civil search?

In lower courts you’ll find cases involving:

  • Liens
  • Foreclosures
  • Breach of contract
  • Restraining orders
  • Civil claims under $5,000

What kind of candidate court history will appear in a federal civil search?

In district courts you’ll find cases involving:

  • Tax claims
  • Civil rights issues
  • Federal code violations
  • Interstate disputes or violations
  • Local or federal government

What civil searches does Checkr offer?

Checkr’s AI-powered platform allows you to search millions of records with ease. Understand the full picture when it comes to your candidate with civil searches which provide insight into past and ongoing legal actions. Civil actions vary widely in their scope—from discrimination to personal injury—and may be pertinent to the hiring process for certain roles.

County Civil Records Check

A county civil search goes back seven years and determines if a candidate is named in any lawsuits, either as a plaintiff or as a defendant. This screening is part of Checkr’s basic package.

Federal Civil Records Check

A federal civil search surfaces court records involving your candidate from the federal courts from the last 7-20 years. This screening is part of Checkr’s basic package.

What to keep in mind when performing civil searches

Checkr’s platform promotes fair and compliant practices with a suite of tools and technology. We are also your partner in education. When it comes to civil searches, here are the primary laws and best-practices to consider.

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