Hospitality and Food Service Look to Hire at Scale and Keep Compliant with FCRA

How Checkr’s speed, integrations and compliant background checks gives businesses an edge in a competitive hiring landscape.

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Though 1 in 10 U.S. workers are employed in hospitality and food service, according to Deloitte, there are still 1.1 million unfilled industry positions. Moreover, restaurants and hotels faces an average of 73% annual turnover, with an average cost to replace a restaurant worker at nearly $6,000.


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The Food Service and Hospitality-Checkr Story

On top of their own hiring needs, businesses must compete in a gig economy, where prospective employees have opportunities for fast and flexible work. Today, 36% of US candidates are part of the gig economy. All this means that hiring speed, accuracy, and compliance are more crucial than ever as businesses seek to hire at volume, scale with the seasons, and expand to compete with ondemand delivery services.

Across the Hospitality and Food Service industries, businesses are looking to scale up labor for peak seasons, scale with demand, optimize sales operations, improve processes and efficiency, and gain visibility into compliance. But many are trying to do so with outdated methods. In fact, companies that don’t implement hiring technology spend 71% more per hire, and those who are aren’t yet leveraging AI in the recruiting process are missing out on a 3-fold increase in productivity.

Checkr has run over 42 million background checks for over 10,000 businesses of all shapes and sizes. Helping them meet their needs are a host of Checkr tools and integrations that optimize productivity by streamlining the hiring and onboarding process and allowing them to focus on real growth. Custom filtering saved one $4 billion business 38 weeks of work in manually reviewing non-crucial charges. And the Checkr dashboard initiation of Employment and Education Verification helped a major hospitality provider move candidates through the hiring funnel quickly and keep ahead of the extremely competitive hiring environment.

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