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How Kimpton Hotels Uses Checkr to Quickly Win New Hires

Company Overview

Kimpton is an upscale luxury and lifestyle hotel brand with 55 hotels in the Americas. Kimpton is leading the way in individually designed and positioned boutique hotels and restaurants that provide unique properties with unique guest experiences to match. 




8,000 employees

Key Results

High volume

5,000 background checks completed annually


Reduced background check turnaround time by 86% after switching to Checkr

Products Used

The Kimpton-Checkr Story

We run 5,000 to 6,000 background checks per year. It used to take 7-10 days. We are at a day or less now with Checkr. Which is important, because we need staff yesterday!
Megan Graves
Director of Talent & Engagement, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Building a memorable customer experience is a top priority for Kimpton Hotels, so ensuring their candidate experience also reflects that spirit and philosophy around hospitality is critical to their success. In order to optimize the candidate experience, Kimpton joined with Checkr in 2020, and saw their average turnaround time on background checks improve from 7 days to less than a day.

In hospitality, speed is of the essence when you’re interacting with candidates…Checkr is incredibly mobile friendly, that the candidate can consistently check and see where their background check is. Checkr adds a lot of these touchpoints to the process that we just didn’t have before.
Megan Graves
Director of Talent & Engagement, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

As Kimpton’s hotels began to open back up in early 2021, hiring increased along with their need for candidates. Kimpton relies on the quick turnaround that Checkr provides to support their 5,000 annual background checks and keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process. The way that Kimpton curates and optimizes experiences for their external guests, they strive to do the same for their candidates. Checkr provides the speed, constant communication, and mobile optimization that creates a positive experience for Kimpton’s candidates.

I think my experience in human resources and dealing with background check companies over the last 10 or 15 years, Checkr is the first one that I’ve seen is technologically forward thinking and really does care.
Megan Graves
Director of Talent & Engagement, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Kimpton's favourite features

Customizable, at-a-glance dashboard helps with tracking ROI and success metrics
Dedicated Support
Best-in-class resources, regular check-ins, and fast response times
Capacity to support continued high-volume growth and complete background checks at scale

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