Our Mission

Every Candidate Deserves a Fair Chance

We believe all candidates should have a fair chance to work. And, we understand that candidates are real people whose lives depend on the results we deliver. That’s why we’re committed to our mission of building a fairer future by improving understanding of the past.

Lowering the barrier, not the bar

1 in 3

Americans have some type
of criminal record

$87 billion

The amount our economy loses annually
due to barriers to employment


Turnover for people with criminal records is 13 percent lower than those without

Bounce Back

We help candidates with criminal records join the workforce.

Bounce Back aims to break down barriers and build opportunities for candidates facing employment struggles as a result of a prior criminal record.

Through Bounce Back, we connect candidates with tools and resources that help them understand how their background check could impact their job search and what steps they can take to find gainful employment. We also connect companies with resources and guidance in implementing fair chance hiring.

Helping you bring in new qualified talent

We’re committed to helping our customers expand their candidate pools to include people with criminal records through a variety of resources, best practices, and assessments around fairer hiring practices.

Checkr Mission Partners

From education and employment opportunities to expungement resources, we work with organizations who empower people to tackle the challenges surrounding fair chance hiring.

Better Future

Better Future is a Checkr platform through which job-seekers can run their own background checks for free. It gives candidates a clear view into their history and the guidance and agency to manage their background.


At Checkr, we believe people with records should have the opportunity to move on from their past. That is why we have built one of the nation’s most affordable and efficient expungement services. Our end-to-end service helps candidates identify and clear eligible charges from their record.

Want to become a fair chance employer?

Checkr’s platform and products are ready to help you reduce bias and establish fairer adjudication practices.