Work is a source of human dignity

We believe in the power of work. Checkr is committed to our mission of building a fairer future by designing technology to create opportunities for all.

What is fair chance hiring?

Fair chance hiring refers to the practice of hiring people with criminal records. It is built on the premise that everyone, regardless of their background, has the right to be fairly assessed for a role they are qualified to hold.

By practicing fair chance hiring, companies can find a pool of qualified, diverse talent with a wide range of experiences that builds diversity and ultimately leads to stronger business outcomes.

Lowering the barrier, not the bar

1 in 3
has some type of criminal record
the amount our economy loses annually due to barriers to employment
retention rate
for employees with criminal records

A pledge for the future

Checkr has committed to the Pledge 1% corporate philanthropy movement, pledging to donate one percent of its employees’ time, one percent of its product, one percent of the equity, and one percent of the profits every year to the mission of enabling fair chances.

Fair chance in action

Bounce Back
Reentry Simulation


We help people clear their records.

At Checkr, we believe people with records should have the opportunity to move forward from their past. That is why we have built the nation’s first, affordable, and efficient expungement service. Our end-to-end service helps candidates identify and clear eligible charges from their record.

Bounce Back

We help candidates with criminal records join the workforce.

Bounce Back is a team of Checkr employees who dedicate their time to providing tools and resources to help system impacted applicants secure gainful employment, and helps employers implement fair chance hiring processes into their businesses.

Bounce Back connects candidates with tools and resources that help them understand how their background check could impact their job search and what steps they can take to find gainful employment.

The Reentry Simulation

We help you to understand the reality for those reentering society.

One in every three Americans has a criminal record. Take a moment to walk in their shoes and understand the path they must take to reintegrate into society and the workforce. While this simulation is just one example, we hope you leave with a deeper appreciation of the obstacles individuals tackle as they settle into life post-incarceration, as well as the importance of more equitable and fair assessments in the hiring process.

Checkr mission partners

From education and employment opportunities to expungement resources, we work with organizations who empower people to tackle the challenges surrounding fair chance hiring.

Ready to get started?

Download our Fair Chance Hiring report to learn:

  • Discrepancies between employer attitudes and actions regarding fair chance hiring.
  • The types of offenses employees believe should be “screened in.”
  • How fair chance talent performs in business.
  • The industries succeeding at fair chance hiring.
  • How you can build a fair chance hiring plan.

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Fairness embedded at every step

Checkr’s platform and products are ready to help you reduce bias and establish fairer adjudication practices.