Introducing the Checkr Fair Chance Dashboard

January 23, 2023
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THE fair chance dashboard empowers customers to widen candidate pools and hire with fairness.

Today, we're excited to introduce the Fair Chance Dashboard, which helps our customers understand at a glance how they measure up to EEOC guidelines related to fair chance hiring.

At Checkr, our mission is to build a fairer future by designing technology that creates opportunities for all. Our products are built to empower customers to hire fairly and open their candidate pools to nontraditional or often overlooked talent, such as individuals with criminal records. In this blog, learn why we created the Fair Chance Dashboard, its benefit to customers, and how customers can access the new product feature.

The "why" behind the Fair Chance Dashboard

Nearly 1 in 3 Americans has some type of criminal record. That's approximately 70 million people. Individuals with a criminal record or conviction often face ongoing collateral consequences barring them from accessing employment and subjecting them to discrimination and other barriers to the pursuit of happiness.

We are committed to the idea that a criminal record should never be a life sentence to unemployment or career stagnation. Our mission centers around advancing fair chance hiring to build a fairer future of work one job at a time. In turn, we are continuously implementing solutions to help our customers become fair chance employers.

However, many people don't know what fair chance hiring means. In a recent survey, we found that 43% of Checkr customers did not know the definition of fair chance hiring. Let's define it now.

What is fair chance hiring?

Fair chance hiring refers to the practice of hiring someone who may have an arrest or conviction record. It's built on the premise that everyone has the right to be fairly assessed for any role, regardless of their background.

By practicing fair chance hiring, companies can tap into a pool of qualified talent with a wide range of experiences that builds diversity and ultimately leads to stronger business outcomes.

To spread the fair chance hiring movement and empower companies to open their candidate pools to those with criminal records, we created the Fair Chance Dashboard.

What is the Fair Chance Dashboard?

The Fair Chance Dashboard combines resources, social proof, and analytics to help employers understand, implement, and advance fair chance hiring practices at their own organizations.

With the Fair Chance Dashboard, Checkr customers can begin to understand the benefits of fair chance hiring, benchmark and validate their fair chance hiring strategy, and learn how other companies have used fair chance hiring to grow their workforces.

Here's what Checkr customers can expect to achieve with the Fair Chance Dashboard:

Gain knowledge and expertise about fair chance hiring

Learning about fair chance hiring can set companies up to expand and diversify hiring pools and help change lives through opportunities to work. Within the Fair Chance Dashboard, Checkr customers have access to a multitude of fair chance hiring resources for everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Understand the benefits of hiring people with criminal records

Many employers have implemented a fair chance hiring program with transformative effects on their teams' ability to innovate. The Fair Chance Dashboard features stories of successful fair chance hiring initiatives and inspiring case studies on justice-impacted professionals.

Discover your Fair Chance Number

If data is available*, the Fair Chance Dashboard shows companies metrics like how many candidates in their funnel are justice-impacted or have criminal records, what percentage of those candidates a company engages with, and an overall Fair Chance Number based on the volume of candidates with criminal records moving through the hiring funnel. The analytics help customers to understand where they're hiring fairly as well as opportunities for improvement.

Benchmark and validate your fair chance hiring strategy against other companies

When data is available, customers can benchmark their strategy and validate their performance compared to others in their region and industry.

*The Fair Chance Dashboard is available for all customers who use Checkr products for employment purposes. The Fair Chance Dashboard is not applicable for customers who use our products for tenant, insurance, or business purposes.

What are the benefits of the Fair Chance Dashboard?

The Fair Chance Dashboard is a one-stop-shop for a company's fair chance hiring needs — combining resources, analytics, and social proof to help employers understand and advance fair hiring practices. It provides opportunities to improve hiring metrics and build diverse teams, preparing companies to be successful in the future of work. The Fair Chance Dashboard also provides customers with insightful suggestions on how to stay compliant during the background check process.

In today's competitive labor market, many companies are struggling to fill open job roles and retain their current employees. By adopting fair chance strategies, companies gain access to a larger eligible labor pool, filling open roles with loyal and dedicated employees.

How can customers access the Fair Chance Dashboard?

The Fair Chance Dashboard can be accessed by clicking the Fair Chance tab within the Checkr Dashboard.

To learn more about the dashboard and what data analytics are available to Checkr customers, find more information here.

Start using the Fair Chance Dashboard today

The Fair Chance Dashboard provides valuable data, insights, and context so customers can feel confident in their hiring decisions and be able to make the case to advance fair chance hiring.

If you’re interested in partnering with Checkr to learn how your company can become a fair chance employer, we invite you to join us for a Fair Chance Employer Accelerator event, a fair chance hiring initiative bringing together Checkr customers and businesses to build a fairer future of work: one job at a time.

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