Checkr + Everee report

2022 State of the Worker Report

A 2022 report by Checkr and Everee uncovering U.S. workers’ perceptions on pay, hiring, and equality in the workplace.

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The U.S. labor shortage presents an opportunity for businesses to understand what’s driving employees to leave the workforce.

While the 2022 State of the Worker Report reveals pay was the most important factor when choosing where to work, a lack of opportunity, limited benefits, and a slow hiring process were major deterrents for workers as well.

If businesses want to keep up with their talent goals, they must first rethink how they can support the fundamental needs of their employees.

Together, Checkr and Everee surveyed U.S. workers on financial health and their perceptions of background checks and hiring processes to empower employers to attract and retain talent.

In the 2022 State of the Worker Report, learn why:

OF WORKERSPlan to stay at their job less than a year.
1 in 3
WORKERSHave experienced a financial crisis that’s led to missing work.
OF WORKERS Want a chance to explain their background check if it’s not clear.
OF WORKERSUnder 35 live paycheck to paycheck.
OF WORKERSHave removed themselves from a job opportunity because the background check process took too long.
OF WORKERSDon’t know why the 2-week pay cycle exists.

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