Fair Chance Hiring Report

A 2021 report examining hiring practices and perceptions around fair chance hiring and DEI.

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Many business leaders and workers find value in fair chance hiring.

The pandemic exposed pressing issues in the U.S. workforce including labor shortages, pay inequities and hiring discrimination. As employers adapt their hiring strategies and create more equitable work environments, many business leaders and workers find value in fair chance hiring or hiring talent with criminal records.

But are executives doing enough to open their hiring funnels to fair chance talent? And how do employees feel about working alongside system-impacted individuals? Download the report to find out.

Download this ebook to learn:

  • Discrepancies between employer attitudes and actions regarding fair chance hiring.
  • The types of offenses employees believe should be “screened in.”
  • How fair chance talent performs in business.
  • The industries succeeding at fair chance hiring.
  • How you can build a fair chance hiring plan.

Why partner with Checkr

1 in 3
Employeessay their company's hiring process is prejudiced against certain populations.
Fair chance employersreport fair chance sustains strong relationships with staff and managers.
4 in 5
Executivesexpress interest in learning about how to successfully implement fair chance hiring.

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