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Talent Acquisition Best Practices for Building Inclusive Teams

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Gallup defines “inclusion” as “a cultural and environmental feeling of belonging”.  This feeling of belonging influences whether individuals feel valued, respected, accepted and encouraged to bring their unique characteristics to the workplace.  Inclusion impacts how much (or how little) individuals feel they can bring their whole selves, ideas, and experiences to work.  If we want individuals in our companies to know they belong, we must figure out how to champion inclusion and reduce exclusive practices.

Join Checkr and Gem for a panel discussion on best practices for building inclusive teams.  We will hear from the experts on why belonging is so fundamental to a healthy workplace culture and what practical strategies you can establish in your workplace to initiate changes for the better. We will talk through tangible, practical ways that HR and People leaders can undo the traditions of exclusion and isolation in order to build inclusive practices that lead to authentic belonging.

Our panel of speakers will cover:

  • The impact belonging has on retention, performance, and productivity 
  • Ways to identify and uproot exclusive practices that negatively impact individuals 
  • How allyship and mentorship promote belonging
  • Ways to ask for feedback from employees to uncover how they feel about company  culture
  • Ideas on how to build programming and events that promote inclusion 

Learn from these experts

Arthur Yamamoto

SVP, People and Talent

Heather Dunn

Chief People Officer

Jen Casimiro

Global Talent Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Michael Kyle

VP of Talent Acquisition

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