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Insights from the State of Screening Compliance Report

Learn how to manage screening compliance while finding qualified candidates.


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Strategies for navigating complex screening legislation

Screening laws are ever-changing and often impact the background check process

Tips for managing a compliant screening program

A comprehensive background check policy is the foundation for compliant processes

Best practices for adjudicating background check results

Implementing fair hiring practices increases your talent pool while supporting DEI

Learn insights to inform background check compliance

Navigating the compliance landscape of background screenings is challenging, especially with accelerating changes in legislation. Checkr’s inaugural State of Screening Compliance report reveals key findings about employers' confidence and concerns around background checks.

Learn from our roundtable discussion with Checkr subject matter experts and get their insights on how to better mitigate risk with your screening program while adding more qualified candidates to your talent pool.

Learn from these experts

Jen Yeh

SVP, General Counsel, Checkr

Kristen Faris

Sr. Vice President, Solutions & Customer Success, Checkr

Tyler Whalen

Principal Solutions Engineer, Checkr

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