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HR Automation to Power People, Not Process

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Automation is all about taking the ‘human labor’ out of processes - and technology take over.  But what about for those of us who are in the business of managing ‘human labor’?

Harvard Business Review recently noted, “The secret to making [AI] work, is the business model itself, where machines and humans are integrated to complement each other. Machines do repetitive and automated tasks and will always be more precise and faster. However, those uniquely human skills of creativity, care, intuition, adaptability, and innovation are increasingly imperative to success.”

How do HR and TA leaders accelerate the shift to automation?  Where can machines do repetitive, automated HR tasks so that we can spend more time creating, innovating, and adapting?

Watch Workable and Checkr as we dive into how automation can help HR leaders spend more energy focused on people instead of process.

Our panel of experts will cover:

  • Best practices in building automation in HR and TA roadmaps
  • Ideas on identifying manual tasks that slow down and get in the way of higher-value work
  • Tips for automating processes that allow for human error
  • Ways to transition HR & TA teams from thinking about process to thinking about strategy
  • How to use automation to improve DEI efforts

Learn from these experts

Zoe Morin

VP, Product Marketing

Scott Jennings

Director, Industry Strategy

Nikki Morello

VP, People Operations

Mykaela Doane

Head of People and Talent

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