5 Changes to Make Today For a More Efficient Hiring Process Tomorrow

May 12, 2020
Checkr Editor

For some talent acquisition teams, major hiring freezes have slowed day-to-day candidate outreach. While companies wait for hiring cycles to restart, HR departments have a unique opportunity to overhaul their legacy hiring processes in order to become more efficient.

We asked HR leaders across the country what recommendations they have for improving processes in order to hire more efficiently in the future. Here’s what they had to say: 

Implement Data Driven Hiring 

“Focus on the candidate and hiring team journey. Map the current state of your hiring processes within each segment of your business. Automate manual activities, remove process bottlenecks, and non-value add steps that lead to mediocre hiring team and candidate experiences. Critical hiring decision data integrated throughout your hiring process leads to real-time insights, informed decision making, and more accurate reporting. Measure Hiring Velocity for ongoing optimization opportunities.”

– Jared Best, Director of Hiring Success Consulting, SmartRecruiters

Create a Scalable, Replicable Hiring Process 

“Now is an excellent time to overhaul your recruiting process and improve hiring efficiency by getting back to basics. Think about the simplest components of how you recruit, including your communication with candidates, selection of your hiring team, and development of your candidate experience. If you already have a recruiting plan that you use, evaluate it, and optimize it. Getting the recruiting plans in order and creating a scalable, replicable process is key to improving your recruiting efficiency in the future.”  – Corey Berkey, VP of HR, JazzHR

Automate Everything

“Automate everything that can be automated. Whether it’s communications, scheduling, documenting, data collecting, or even elements of the approval or vetting process, automation is key. Once you have the core recruiting and hiring process automated, you then have the room to focus on both the applicants’ experience as well as general brand awareness.” 

– April Reed, Global Strategic Partner and Customer Success Team Lead, Fountain

 “Now is the time to double down on candidate experience from recruitment all the way through your candidate’s first day.”
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Enable Remote Interviews

“To help recruiting teams adapt quickly, we recommend enabling the interview process for remote candidates and remote interviewers. Rollbar went live with a fully remote interview process in two days. Automation is key to efficiency in this new talent landscape that we are in; many teams are taking on more responsibilities with fewer resources. Ensure you are automating as many manual processes as possible for your teams going forward while maintaining a positive candidate experience.”

– Nate Smith, CEO, Lever 

Leverage Tools to Improve Your Candidate Experience 

“Now is the time to double down on candidate experience from recruitment all the way through your candidate’s first day. Lean into automation and leverage tools that provide concise and targeted experiences to your candidates. Take time to evaluate your current processes and digitize where possible to enable self-service and delivery of your culture and brand virtually.”

– Silvia Perezalonso, Sr. Director, People Technology & Operations, Checkr

 If you have some extra time on your hands right now, we hope these insights lead you to add value and gain efficiencies for your organization.  

 If you are interested in learning how to hire in an all-remote setting, please join us on May 28th for our “How to Hire in the Age of Remote Work” webinar. Register today; we can’t wait to see you then!

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“Now is an excellent time to overhaul your recruiting process and improve hiring efficiency by getting back to basics.”
Corey Berkey, VP of HR

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