Customer Spotlight: How Glassdoor is Reducing Complexity in its Hiring Process

September 14, 2022
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Glassdoor’s Manager of Recruiting Operations shares how they work with Checkr to hire more fairly and efficiently.

Today’s workforce is being pulled in several different directions. Companies are still reeling from The Great Resignation, where an unprecedented number of employees quit their jobs. At the same time, fears of a looming recession have companies hiring more conservatively and employees bracing for potential layoffs. Even still, many organizations are continuing to hire at a rapid pace.

How do organizations navigate this complex and challenging hiring landscape?

During a recent webinar, we sat down with Emily Sung, Manager of Recruiting Operations at Glassdoor, to better understand how her team is overcoming hiring obstacles by optimizing the hiring process and working more efficiently.

Glassdoor’s evolution from one-sided reviews to two-way conversations

Glassdoor’s founders are big believers in thinking of unconventional ways to bring disruption into the workplace. To that end, Glassdoor started as a place where employees could anonymously review their workplace, and job seekers could better understand what it would be like to work at an organization. From there, it evolved into a space for workers to rate their CEO, rate their job, and more.

With the shift to remote and hybrid working brought on by the pandemic, it was clear that Glassdoor needed to expand beyond “what it’s like to work here” into “what matters most to employees.” As a result, Glassdoor acquired Fishbowl, a social network for working professionals, which allows both employees and candidates to have open, semi-anonymous or fully anonymous conversations with peers, managers or leadership to get real answers to hard-hitting questions.

It’s changed the recruiting process from being mostly one-sided into a two-sided give-and-take where candidates can proactively reach out to companies they admire and make connections that potentially lead to employment.

The 4 Rs of Glassdoor’s hiring philosophy

According to Emily, Glassdoor is structured upon growing conservatively, which means they don’t prescribe to the hyper-growth model. Instead, they base their hiring priorities off of what phase they are in – Rebuild, Resignation, Reassessment or Restructuring – and pivot as necessary as the hiring landscape shifts.

Case in point, while there are talks of a looming recession in the media, economists are still pointing to healthy consumer spending. As a result, Glassdoor is continuing to hire at a rapid pace, which requires their recruiting and hiring teams to be operating at maximum efficiency.

Glassdoor’s partnership with Checkr accelerates fair hiring

Given today’s complex hiring landscape, HR leaders are looking for new ways to optimize their hiring process, especially at the background check step. Glassdoor works closely with Checkr to hire quickly, efficiently and fairly using Checkr’s pre-hire assessment tools and fully-integrated background check process.

Glassdoor is committed to being an equitable and fair workplace and has made a goal to double their hiring of underrepresented groups (URGs) by 2025. Using Checkr’s Candidate Stories tool, Glassdoor empowers candidates to share their history and experiences in their own words, so the hiring team can make a fair and just decision based on the full picture, and not just what’s on a piece of paper. Essentially, it turns background checks into a tool to screen people in, versus screen them out.

What’s more, the integration of Checkr within Glassdoor’s Greenhouse ATS allows them to send out the background check in tandem with the offer letter, maximizing the hiring team’s time and minimizing the hoops candidates must jump through to start working.

Emily sums up their experience with Checkr by saying, “It's saved my life being able to reduce time-to-hire, and not just get people through the door but also to uptick that pre-hire experience.”

Hear more about Glassdoor’s partnership with Checkr by watching the on-demand recording.

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