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Non-Profit Places 12,000 Crisis Counselors a Year with Checkr

Learn how Checkr helps convert and onboard applicants quickly while supporting quality, compliance and safety.

Crisis Text Line provides free, 24/7 text-based support for people in crisis. Anyone can text with live, trained Crisis Counselors for help with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bullying, suicidal thoughts, and more. With more than 125 million messages processed to date, Crisis Text Line offers immediate support and assistance in addition to data-driven insights about mental health issues.

As Crisis Text Line was growing rapidly, they needed a people trust solution that could grow with them. “Checkr has allowed us to grow in capacity,” says Elise Segars, Head of Admissions at Crisis Text Line. “We have a really high volume, and Checkr finds people we need to take a second look at, while others can move through the background check process quickly.

Crisis Text Line’s Favorite Features

  • Fast and Responsive Support: Checkr’s customer success team is there to support Crisis Text Line
  • Positive Adjudication Matrix: Immediate access to reports and reduction of time spent on adjudication
  • Analytics and Reporting: Reports on applicant volume and processing speed for a data-driven organization
  • Educational Tools: Robust learning portal and educational resources to onboard adjudicators quickly and grow their expertise
  • Custom Filtering and Evaluation Tools: Ensure compliance and mitigate risk based on geography and role type

The Crisis Text Line-Checkr Story

Crisis Text Line reviews 300 Crisis Counselor applications every week. After completing a detailed and rigorous application process, they wanted a streamlined and efficient background check for new counselors.

Specifically, Crisis Text Line needed a process that would help them take a closer look at applicants with issues they define as important, while getting others approved, into training, and helping vulnerable populations more quickly. One of the barriers to efficiency they faced was a system that flagged minor issues for review, holding up or even disqualifying desirable candidates.

Crisis Text Line now uses Checkr’s Adjudication Matrix to define the background records they want to review more closely, while allowing most others to clear the background check process in less than a day. The Checkr platform also collects and stores additional identification documents that applicants can easily upload themselves for fast identity resolution.

When a society is relying on your services, it is imperative to streamline as much of the process as possible. Instead of spending days screening hundreds of applicants, Crisis Text Line was able to cut that down to hours.

15,000+ Background Checks/Year


85% of background checks completed within 24 hours


12,000 applicants passed their first-round background check and moved directly into training


Salesforce integration reduces manual entrytime

“Checkr has allowed us to grow in capacity. We have a really high volume, and Checkr finds people we need to take a second look at, while others can move through the background check process quickly. ”
Elise Segars
Head of Admissions, Crisis Text Line

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