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Hiring Essential Workers Safely & Efficiently During a Pandemic

How Delivery Drivers Inc. Uses Technology and Candidate-First Tactics to Onboard Despite Court Closures

Delivery Drivers Inc. is the last mile labor solution for the transportation and delivery industries. Having been in business for over 25 years, DDI sets the pace when it comes to contractor management solutions. DDI provides services for a wide range of customers from small businesses in the food service industry all the way to big retail chains like Walmart.

DDI’s Favorite Features:

  • Innovative Products: Customer-centric, technology-first approach resulting in innovating products
  • Custom Filtering and Evaluation Tools: Ensure compliance based on candidate requirements per customer
  • Educational Tools: Robust learning portal and educational resources  to onboard adjudicators
  • Intuitive Interface: Color coding and easy-to-understand reporting simplifies adjudication

The DDI – Checkr Story

Recruiting drivers is very competitive, so it’s important that DDI provides a fast and user friendly onboarding experience, without sacrificing accuracy.  

Checkr’s automated background check processes powered by artificial intelligence solve these needs, while the mobile-friendly application and estimated time of completion feature show a dedication to candidate satisfaction. Since implementing Checkr, DDI has reduced time spent adjudicating and realloted it to other activities to provide additional value to their customers.

With Checkr, DDI can easily support quick turnaround requests for mass amounts of workers. This major benefit to DDI was jeopardized when Coronavirus quarantine measures resulted in courts closures across the country, forcing background checks in those counties to stall. 

This was unacceptable as many drivers in the application process were being hired to support necessary deliveries of food and other essentials to hard-hit communities.

Checkr quickly built a tech-enabled solution that allowed DDI to unblock candidates while also ensuring safety. The Checkr COVID Continuity Package allows reports to skip searching jurisdictions impacted by court closures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This allows DDI to make hiring decisions quickly and unblocks 100% of its candidates from the background check bottleneck in their hiring funnel. 

Retail Delivery
3,829 background checks / month

Fulfilling Customer Need

Over 3,829 reports run over 30 days with Checkr’s COVID Continuity Package

Fast Results

Average turnaround time of 1.89 days despite court closures

Improved Fulfillment

300% improvement in average onboarding time

“Checkr’s COVID Package has been pivotal. It’s eliminated our backlog for our customers and allowed us to onboard safely and efficiently despite court closures.”
Aaron Hageman

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