About Checkr

Two software engineers saw the need for an easier way for employers to perform background screenings. Checkr is their technological solution to a human resources challenge.

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We’re on a mission to modernize the background screening industry.

Background screenings are transactions that rely on trust and we believe trust is based on transparency. Consumers deserve more transparency on their rights and the information in their report. Employers deserve more transparency on data, its value and their responsibilities.

Checkr has found the way to balance safety and consumer protection. It is our responsibility to be accurate and help our clients avoid errors.

Our Values


We are respectful and free from arrogance.
We put the success of our teams over our own and are excited to learn from each other.


We trust each other to communicate the good and the bad as it relates to doing our best work.
We aren’t afraid to voice our opinions and are receptive to feedback.


We are passionate and hustle to raise the bar.
We persevere through our challenges and grow from our failures.


We strive for thoughtful impact, take pride in our work, and hold ourselves accountable.
We step up and take on new challenges to help further the success of the company.


We genuinely care about each other and understand that our people are our power.
We celebrate our lived experiences and enjoy helping and supporting each other.

Our Leadership

Daniel Yanisse

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Prior to founding Checkr, Daniel was a Cisco and NASA engineer. He also served as a software engineer for startup companies in the transportation and mobile industries. He likes to build great teams.

Jonathan Perichon

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Jonathan has a Masters degree in Computer Science and before founding Checkr, he worked as an engineer for transportation and mobile software startup companies.

Linda Shaffer

Vice President, Operations

Linda Shaffer manages Checkr’s operations, and is committed to building the highest quality of service for our customers and applicants. She has successfully scaled operating teams in fast growth, data-intensive companies in media and telecom at YP, Sense Networks, Nielsen, and Accenture.

Tricia Gellman

Vice President, Marketing

Tricia leads the marketing team and is responsible for all marketing functions. With over 20 years of experience, Tricia has worked to build long term strategies with short term measurable impact to provide insight and growth to companies including Apple, Adobe, and Salesforce. Most recently, she was CMO for Salesforce Canada.

Sangeeta Chakraborty

Vice President, Customer Success

Sangeeta Chakraborty leads Checkr’s Customer Success and Support teams, focused on delivering strong business value at Checkr’s customers. She has 24 years of experience in leadership roles in Customer Success, building top-performing teams; and driving customer growth, at companies such as Ayasdi, Accela, VMware, Fujitsu and others.


Scott Davis

Vice President, Sales

Scott leads Checkr’s sales team and is responsible for driving the sales strategy into market. With more than 20 years of enterprise sales experience, Scott most recently served as Vice President of North American Sales for AppDynamics (acquired by Cisco). Prior to this, he scaled sales team at high-growth tech companies, including Medallia, where he grew global revenue over 800% in four years, as well as BMC and BladeLogic (acquired by BMC).

Lydia Varmazis

Vice President, Product

Lydia Varmazis leads Checkr’s product strategy and development of the product roadmap. She has over 20 years of product leadership experience at companies including Westfield Retail Solutions, Paypal, Ning, and Adobe.

Irene Liu

General counsel

Irene leads Checkr’s legal, compliance and government relations teams.  She has broad legal, compliance and consumer protection expertise after working at the FTC, U.S. Department of Justice and high-tech companies, including BlackBerry and Lookout. Irene received her J.D. from UC Berkeley School of Law.

Kristen Faris

Vice President, Industry Strategy

Kristen is an industry veteran with over 22 years of experience in the background screening industry. Faris started her career as a court researcher in the San Francisco Superior Court, before founding her own screening firm, which was acquired by First Advantage in 2006. Post-acquisition she spent over 10 years at First Advantage in various sales and customer success leadership roles, most recently driving strategy as SVP of Solutions. She had deep experience in scaling organizations to meet the unique needs of staffing agencies of all sizes.

Our Investors