Checkr Brand

Our visual identity and voice are a representation of who we are as a company. Checkr takes pride in our mission and bringing a new era of background checks to our customers. To build a trusted brand it is important to be consistent in the way we tell our story. This is why we have created guidelines.

Checkr Logo

Usage and best practices

The Checkr logo

Our logo is a simple wordmark made from a sleek and modern serif typeface. The logo should never be redrawn, rearranged or distorted. The Checkr logo should only appear in Checkr Blue or white.

Checkr Brand Colors

Color usage

Brand colors and our extended palette

Checkr blue has always been approachable and friendly. This blue has become more saturated and bold to reinforce our confidence in our technology and products. The extended Checkr palette is familiar, friendly, and clear. Checkr colors are all named after items that exist in nature and our everyday lives.

Checkr Leadership Headshots Brand


Checkr leadership photos

Featuring one of our leaders in a webinar? This is where you will find the approved headshots of the Checkr leadership team.

Looking for something else?

Brand guidelines

Still have a question? Contact Checkr’s Brand Studio team to request a copy of our guidelines.

Press and media

Looking for Checkr in the press? Head over to our press page for more info.