Fountain + Checkr Webinar

Strategies for Hiring More Efficiently in Retail

Live Air Date: Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

“By definition, as a company scales rapidly, it adds people quickly.” – Brad Feld

Hiring in Retail comes with the pressure to: hire quickly, attract top talent, and prioritize a diverse and inclusive workforce. These challenges lead to long, ineffective hiring cycles.

For retailers, future success depends on hiring efficiently.

Join Checkr and Fountain in this webinar recording as we cover strategies recruiting teams need to implement in order to optimize hiring.

Our panel of experts will talk through:

  • Sourcing top talent while aligning with hiring managers on expectations
  • Attracting top talent before you start hiring
  • Optimizing the interview process for both the candidate and recruiter
  • Analyzing a candidate’s qualifications with a panel of interviewers
  • Preventing bottlenecks in the screening process and starting candidates on time

Learn from these experts

Scott Jennings

Director of Industry Strategy

Nico Roberts

Head of Customer Success & Support

John Doe

Chief People Officer

Patricia Vekich Waldron

Contributing Editor, RetailWire; Founder and CEO, Vision First50

Ready to learn about retail efficiencies? Watch the webinar recording