Beyond the Basics: Making Background Checks Work For You

How putting compliance first helps you hire more efficiently.

During the last decade, employers have paid a collective $174 million to resolve class action lawsuits over background check reports. This isn’t a surprise – hiring laws can be both confusing and complex, especially when racing to meet the massive demand for talent.

Companies that do prioritize compliance in their background check processes are able to mitigate these risks and avoid hefty penalties. By baking compliance into the hiring process up front, they’re actually able to focus more of their time on attracting talent and optimizing the candidate journey.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • An executive summary of background checks done right and its impacts
  • A checklist you can use to simplify the background check process
  • How to efficiently manage individualized assessments while remaining compliant under the FCRA and the EEOC

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in average time-to-hire from 3 days to 5 hours



from 15 hours to 1 hour of work per week



in applicant conversion

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