Nucleus Guidebook: Checkr Background Checks

Why customers choose it, and the real benefits they gain from using Checkr

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As the war for talent continues, organizations are having a difficult time filling positions. With the demand for workers at an all-time high, the competition for labor is tight. With candidates getting multiple offers, organizations cannot cause unnecessary delays in hiring workers.

In addition, delays in the hiring process negatively impact organizations in the long term. Companies that have quick, effective, and unobtrusive screening processes enjoy a more positive brand reputation, making them more likely to attract and retain talent.

Nucleus researched the main challenges facing HR and talent acquisition teams conducting employment screening today, including compliance, manual processes, and unclear turnaround times.

Then they asked customers why they chose Checkr, and how it makes it easy for them to streamline, automate, and optimize their onboarding process.

Nucleus found that Checkr customers:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced their time to hire
  • Improved their compliance

The bottom line: Checkr gives organizations the ability to hire more candidates efficiently and remain compliant.

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