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Checkr’s AI-powered platform was built with an emphasis on scalability, compliance, and security.


97% of customers say our turnaround time is faster than the competition


90% of our customers say Checkr has simplified their daily work


Built-in compliance with every hire

Customizable to your business

No more volume bottlenecks

While other background check providers’ output can lag when volume increases, our technology can process over 1.5 million reports a month with no impact on turn-around time.

Multiple tiers of quality assurance

Constant audits and evaluation improve our machine learning models to get the efficiency of automation along with the confidence of targeted human review when necessary.

Reduce risk with detailed permissions

Easily manage who can initiate or review reports, add additional users, or set up and amend adjudication criteria. With better control and visibility, you can reduce potential human bias and errors in your hiring process.

Keep your candidates’ data secure

Checkr is designed with multiple layers of protection, covering data transfer, encryption, network configuration, and application-level controls—all distributed across a scalable, secure infrastructure.

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Increase productivity with workflow automation

It’s not just background check speed that impacts turnaround time; it’s also gaps in your process and unnecessary manual work. Our platform helps you automate and optimize your workflow, so you can move faster.

Integrate with your existing systems

Every company has different needs. Our pre-built integrations, easy-to-use API, and public documentation help make getting started with Checkr easier, faster, and lower-cost for companies of all kinds.

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