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Safety on the road is a top priority. Understand your candidates’ driving history and license status with easy-to-review MVR reports that are fast and reliable.


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Hire drivers at scale with Checkr

For businesses that need to hire drivers at scale, Checkr’s advanced platform helps you navigate this highly-regulated industry with minimal manual tasks so you can quickly and safely grow your teams.

Increase productivity

Checkr’s workflow automation tools help you increase efficiency and scale hiring without scaling your team.

Hire faster with less risk

Our built-in compliance tools help you navigate regulatory requirements and mitigate risk to your business.


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The importance of MVR checks

An MVR check helps your organization maintain compliance, protect your brand reputation, and assure your customers of safety.

Maintain safety protocols

Identify qualified candidates with safe driving records to help protect your customers, employees and the public.

Comply with regulations

Meet the safe driving standards and requirements set forth by your organization and industry, if applicable.

Mitigate risk

Protect your organization against liability claims and higher insurance premiums.

Any Time Pest Elimination

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What you’ll learn from driving record checks

A driving record check provides important information about a candidate’s driving history, safety record, and eligibility to drive as part of their job.

Legal ability to drive

Find out if your candidate is legally allowed to drive, or if their license is suspended or expired.

Class of license

Learn what types of motor vehicles a person is licensed to operate, such as commercial and noncommercial.

Safety record

Get insight into safe and unsafe driving practices by reviewing minor and serious traffic violations.

"We’ve improved our efficiencies tremendously"

“Checkr helps ensure our business is compliant with state and federal regulations. We’ve used the Checkr Knowledge Center to train our entire compliance team on the adjudication process, EEOC laws, FCRA, and any updates to legislation.”
Andrea Hall, Director of Marketplace Operations
“We’ve improved our efficiencies tremendously with Checkr. Checkr has the ability to cull driver candidates with their adjudication matrix in a seamless and systematic way. This has enabled us to meet new market demand weeks earlier than we used to.”
Kathy Zapp, Chief Risk Officer

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