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Continuous Criminal Check

Reduce risk by addressing gaps in candidate knowledge post-onboarding

Running background checks on candidates during the onboarding process is a great way for you to gain visibility into their past and establish trust before they begin working. But as time passes from the initial check, your knowledge drops off significantly, increasing risk for your business.

Mitigate risk

Continuous criminal checks run in the background, and notify you of any reportable changes to an individual’s record. Real-time notifications allow you to take immediate action when an individual’s background check data changes. This enables you to minimize risk across your platform—keeping customers safe and potentially lowering your insurance costs.

Maintain brand trust

Reducing the knowledge gap between pre-hire background checks and future background check reruns proves that you take your customers’ safety seriously and helps to maintain the trust that they’ve placed in your company.

How it works

Checkr leverages six key data sources to power continuous criminal checks

  • Arrest Records
    Direct data integrations with prisons and holding cells across the US provide near real-time arrest records as pointer searches. If new arrests are detected, they are verified at the county level before being reported.
  • Checkr proprietary data
    Individuals are monitored against Checkr’s live feed of background check data. If a change is detected in an individual’s data from another report on the same individual, a new search is executed and reported to you.
  • Electronic county search
    Provided that an individual has a current address within a county with electronic records, individuals are searched every 30 days to identify any new criminal records.
  • Global watchlist search
    Every 30 days, individuals are searched to identify whether they’ve been added to a domestic and/or international watchlist.
  • National criminal database
    Individuals are searched across this pointer database every 30 days to identify potential records. Any new records will be verified through an additional county search.
  • Sex offender search
    Every 30 days, individuals are searched across all public sex offender registries nationwide.

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About Checkr

Checkr’s mission is to build a fairer future by improving understanding of the past. Our platform makes it easy for thousands of customers to hire millions of people every year at the speed of the gig economy. Using Checkr’s advanced background check technology, companies of all sizes can better understand the dynamics of the changing workforce, bring transparency and fairness to their hiring, and ultimately build a better future for workers.