Checkr Forward 2021 | Progress Track

5 Things You Can Do Today to Become a Fair Chance Employer

Watch the Checkr Forward 2021 Progress Track session to learn how to become a fair chance employer.

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Now that you see both the financial and ethical benefits, how do you start a fair chance program? How do you start to make changes to remove bias from the hiring process? Film producer and CEO of One Community, Scott Budnick, Frank Long, Director of Risk Operations at Elwood Staffing, along with Checkr will show you 5 actionable steps you can take today, from writing your job postings, to sponsorships and grants that can make a huge difference for fair chance.

Learn from these experts

Scott Budnik

One Community

Frank Long

Director of Risk Operations
Elwood Staffing

Molly Rose

Director of Business Development

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