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How to Make Hiring Faster and More Fair Using Data

Live Air Date: April 14th, 2021

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Gig hiring ops and HR at traditional enterprises are facing a data-rich future.

For the gig economy companies who built massive marketplaces, data-driven hiring decisions have been crucial. Yet when it comes to background checks—often the most expensive component of new customer acquisition—there’s plenty of room to make further optimizations.

HR is facing a similar moment with data. “90% of companies need to refresh or recreate their HR operating model”, according to HR thought leader Josh Bersin in his HR Predictions for 2021.  Bersin calls people analytics a “mandate.”  So much so that enterprises like IBM and Cisco have hired entire data science teams just for their HR departments.

For hiring, HR, and operations leaders, future success depends on data skills. We all need to level up our abilities to access, interpret, and act on data.

Watch as we talk through how data driven companies use background check data to their advantage.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to use background check analytics to increase productivity and lower costs
  • Ways to speed up hiring by using background check data
  • Ideas on how to track adjudicator consistency to make hiring more fair
  • How to build trust with colleagues using background check data
  • How to use Checkr’s new Analytics platform

Learn from these experts

Frank Long, CSP

Director of Risk Operations
Elwood Staffing

Sean Miller

Vice President of Operations

Kristen Faris

Senior Vice President, Sales Solutions

Jonathan Bushnell

Head of Critical Escalations and Data Privacy Officer

Cheryl Mak

Senior Data Analyst

Patrick Hall

Manager, Identity and Reputation

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