Breezy + Checkr Webinar

The What, Why, & How of Background Checks for SMBs

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At first glance, the background check process may seem both intimidating and complex. Breezy and Checkr have teamed up to give small business owners a straightforward “how-to” manual on background checks.

Experts from Checkr will join us to provide clear and actionable insights into building a successful background check process for small business owners.

Join us to learn:

  • How the background check process works and why consistency is a key to compliance
  • How to order a background check in Breezy and review the completed report
  • How to individually assess candidates and complete the adjudication process
  • What candidates experience during the background check process
  • How to use Checkr’s tools to hire more fairly
  • Why Fair Chance hiring matters and how you can build your background check process to protect diversity and inclusion at your business

Learn from these experts

Jennifer Carlisle

Director of Marketing
Breezy HR

Em Farr

Strategic Partner Manager

Runae Lee

Business Development Director

Tony Creech

Everlight Solar

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