Independent Home Care Alliance (IHCA) + Checkr Webinar

Building an Engaged Workforce: IHCA’s Approach to Recruiting Top Talent for their Healthcare Clients

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Courtney Carroll

Recruiting & Onboarding Manager Independent Home Care Alliance

Bernice Avington, PHR

People Services Manager
Independent Home Care Alliance

Victoria Rodriguez

Senior Customer Success Manager

The healthcare industry is still reeling from the effect COVID-19 has had on its ability to hire and retain talent. With so many roles for home healthcare providers still open, many healthcare services organizations are looking for new ways to attract candidates while ensuring industry, state, and local compliance regulations are met.

Watch now to learn how IHCA, a national home care membership alliance, is helping their customers like Senior Home Care Solutions streamline their hiring processes with technology so they can spend more time on developing employee benefits programs to hire more qualified healthcare workers.

During this webinar, we covered how they have been able to:

  • Attract top talent by developing compelling employee benefit programs that allow them to increase jobs attractiveness beyond competitive compensation
  • Reduce their background check turnaround time from weeks to hours all while ensuring state regulatory compliance with state regulations
  • Manage all back-end HR processes & maintain compliance through many of the Checkr's Applicant Tracking System integrations

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from IHCA (Independent Home Care Alliance) and Senior Home Care Solutions' success.

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