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Advancing Fairness in the Hiring Process

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Harvard Business Review recently noted, “When it comes to hiring diverse candidates, good intentions do not necessarily lead to good results. Often well-intentioned hiring managers end up inadvertently weeding out qualified candidates from underestimated backgrounds because of unconscious bias.”  We know that black individuals, people of color, and individuals with conviction histories are at a greater disadvantage when it comes to accessing fundamental resources - including employment.

By acknowledging the unfair playing field and giving all applicants an equal chance—especially through diversity and belonging initiatives—employers have a chance to right a systemic wrong.  Join Crosschq and Checkr as we talk through how to advance fairness in hiring.  Our panel of experts will offer insight into their own experiences in combating biases as well as best practices in implementing fairness initiatives.

Join us to learn:

  • How to implement process changes to promote fairness in hiring
  • Ways to source diverse talent pools
  • Ideas on how to fairly assess previously incarcerated individuals
  • Tips for understanding the connection between belonging and retention, performance, and productivity
  • Best practices for recognizing affinity biases (favoring people who are similar to you)

Learn from these experts

Amber West

IO Psychologist Sales Consultant

Harley Blakeman

Founder & CEO
Honest Jobs

Zach Moore

Software Engineer

Dr. Ella F Washington

Ellavate Solutions

Russalynne Griggs

DEI Strategist
Good Eggs

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