JazzHR + Checkr Webinar

How to Champion Inclusion & Belonging in the Workplace

Live Air Date:  April 8th, 2021

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Harvard Business Review recently noted "40% of people say that they feel isolated at work, and the result has been lower organizational commitment and engagement. U.S. businesses spend nearly $8 billion each year on diversity and inclusion (D&I) trainings that miss the mark because they neglect our need to feel included.”

If we want the individuals on our teams and in our companies to know they belong, we must prioritize championing inclusion and reducing exclusive practices.

Our panel will cover:

  • Why belonging and retention affects performance and productivity
  • Ways to identify and uproot exclusive practices
  • Ways to implement and measure inclusive practices
  • How allyship and mentorship promote belonging
  • How to gather employee feedback on company culture

Learn from these experts

Arthur Yamamoto

VP of Talent

Corey Berkey

VP of HR

Ashley Harvey

Senior Recruiter and Diversity Recruiting Specialist
Evidation Health

Desiree Morton

Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

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