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5 Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses Hiring

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SMBs are struggling to hire in our competitive labor market.   In recent months, as we’ve seen the pandemic wane and the economy begin to grow again, SMBs have once again been impacted by new workplace volatility, this time in the form of labor shortages. The Great Resignation, as many have called it, is the social trend causing millions of Americans to quit their jobs, often without a new job in place or even plans to search for one.  In fact, a report from Indeed found that 82% of SMBs have had difficulty hiring in the last several months, compared to 75% for larger companies.

For multiple reasons, including The Great Resignation, many jobs remain open, with employers unable to find qualified candidates willing to accept a job. This has created a candidate’s market, in which job candidates are largely able to set their own terms of employment. Candidates are asking for remote work options, as well as better pay and benefits.

Watch Breezy HR and Checkr to learn five specific best practices for SMB hiring. Our panel of speakers will cover:

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    Sohee Lacey

    Director of Business Development

    Jessica Lorello

    PHR HR Business Partner
    Employers Advantage, LLC

    Jayca Pike

    Marketing Director
    Breezy HR

    President & Consultant
    Make the Change LLC

    Althea Williams

    Executive Talent Management Consulting

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