Paylocity + Codility + Checkr Webinar

Recruiting & Onboarding Strategies for Winning Talent during the Great Resignation

You know the challenges we are up against right now.  In November of 2021, 4.53 million Americans quit their jobs (see here).  And, according to Harvard Business Review, “41% of employees in the global workforce are considering resigning from their roles, and 36% of those leaving their roles do so without having their next job in place.”  This trend is called the “great resignation”. A focus on flexibility, working conditions, and compensation can all positively impact retention, but what can we do to win new talent this year?

As soon as a candidate starts to think about making a switch, as HR, Talent, and People leaders, we need to make sure all of the interactions they could have with our company are positive.  From sourcing to recruiting to analyzing and onboarding - we need to design our processes and interactions with a candidate who has recently resigned in-mind.

Join Checkr and Paylocity for a panel discussion on recruiting and onboarding strategies to win talent during the great resignation. Our panel of speakers will cover:

  • How to use recruiting tools to build a more robust talent pipeline
  • Ways to develop consistent onboarding plans that will have a positive impact on retention
  • Ideas on improving your time to hire/fill roles to get talent started faster
  • Tips for using screening tools to expand your talent pool 

Learn from these experts

Matty Braden

Director Organizational Learning and Development

Scott Jennings

Director of Industry Strategy

Jeremy Schmidt

Director of Global Talent Acquisition

Carissa McCabe

Vice president
GroundFloor Media

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